You are ready to set out for a fabulous camping trip. You have checked every item on your camping equipment list. But did you back that one essential item — a privacy shelter and shower combo?

Staying clean while you camp

One of the best things about camping is communing with nature. Unfortunately, nature can be a little dirty.

After a long day of hiking and fishing and sitting on rocks and cooking over a fire or stove, you might find yourself quite grubby and more than a little smelly.

Consider this:

  • Hiking — walking along dusty or muddy trails, forcing your way through bushes and trees, sweating from the exertion.
  • Fishing — attaching bait to your line, handling and removing your catch.
  • Sitting on rocks and logs — Mother Nature doesn’t dust off her natural seats.
  • Cooking — The smell of wood smoke or canned gas, not to mention those lovely fish you are cooking.

Everything you touch in nature will leave a bit of itself behind. And some of that can be pretty dirty.

Wouldn’t a nice long shower will feel awfully good? Not only will you enjoy being clean again, but your fellow campers will also appreciate your cleanliness.

It is a lot easier for our little friend, Woodstock. But for larger campers, a portable shower may be the answer.

What about keeping your dignity intact while camping?

Changing your clothes in a tent can require a certain amount of contortionistic abilities — unless you have a really tall tent and you are relatively short. And, during certain times of day and depending on the light source, a tent may become very transparent when viewed from outside.

You probably will not even realize you are showing your assets to everyone in the campsite.

What you need is a shelter that is big enough to change clothes comfortable and is made from a material that provides privacy.

What about both cleanliness and privacy?

The perfect solution is a privacy shelter and shower combo. One that includes a large shower bag and is easy to transport and to set up.

Check out this Deluxe Privacy Shelter and Shower Combo:

  • 54″” x 54″” x 87″” High
  • Heavy duty Taffeta walls and rain-fly are polyurethane coated
  • Removable rip-stop polyethylene floor
  • Rust-resistant 3/4″” diameter chain-corded steel poles
  • Durable speed clips secure shelter to frame
  • Large zippered “”D”” style front door
  • Two “”no-see-um mesh roof panels provide superior ventilation
  • Rain-fly has two see-through skylights for better visibility inside
  • Removable hanging towel bar outside
  • Mesh shower rack in corner
  • Includes a 5 Gallon capacity camp shower
  • Complete with stakes carry/storage bag
  • Flame retardant meets C.P.A.I-84 specifications

Make your camping adventure more enjoyable!