The campsite listed a grill-covered fire ring and plenty of on-site wood for meal preparations — no camp stove necessary. Exquisitely seasoned chicken cooked over open flames sounded wonderful, so we left our camp stove at home. The fire was quickly ignited and the food ready to cook — when the wind started. Not just a gentle breeze, but gale force wind that blew the flames sideways.

The fire ring had no protective sides to block the wind and I had to skewer the chicken on our marshmallow roasting sticks and hold it in the flames off to the side. I finally got it cooked, placed it on a plate, and handed it to my husband to take to the table — when a HUGE gust of wind blew the plate out of his hand and it landed face down in the dirt!

Dismayed and hungry, we crawled into our tent and ate potato chips and red licorice. Now we always take along our camp stove and now we really appreciate the built-in wind blocks. Find your perfect camp stove HERE!