We had packed our usual tent pegs for a recent camping trip. Usually we camp in forested areas, but this time we were headed for an open, sandy area next to a beautiful lake. Setting up our tent, we anchored it with our always-reliable-before flat-hooked pegs. We began to settle in for the evening.

YIKES — a very strong gust of wind suddenly arose,. It grabbed our little dome tent and shook it like a dog with a bone. The pegs were torn out of the sandy ground. Our tent rolled away like a big beach ball — bouncing along the ground directly toward the lake. My husband went chasing after it, grabbing the tent just feet they both ended up in the water.

We managed to wrestle the tent back to our camp site and set it up again — with me sitting inside for ballast while Bill went in search of some hefty rocks. We wrapped the rocks in our extra clothing and set them in each interior corner of the tent.

The next morning we stopped at a sporting goods store and bought some nice strong, heavy-duty tent pegs with rounded hooks. Much better as anchors. Our old mangled pegs went in the recycle can. Visit this website for reliable tent pegs.