There aren’t many things more frightening than not having emergency lights and finding yourself disoriented and lost in the dark.

Noises and sounds that normally would not bother you, become menacing and threatening.

Your sense of direction becomes diminished.

The darkness become something tangible and closes in around you.

Your imagination shifts into over-drive as shadows grow in size and take a solid form.

You remember all those spooky movie you watched while the unaware victim stumbled through the dark — only to be grabbed from behind by some unspeakable monster.

Your rational and logical mind may know you are in no danger, but your imagination does not always recognize logic.

Then, with the simple press of a button, you banish all your fears. Turn on an emergency light and that menacing shape that sneaked up behind you becomes a harmless little tree.

A good reliable source of emergency light can make a world of difference. You may prefer a flashlight, or a headlamp or a lantern. No matter the source, always keep emergency light close at hand. Not only to keep your imagination from running amok, but to protect you from those nasty tree roots that threaten to trip you.

Keep yourself, your family and your friends safe in the darkness with an emergency light combo pack.