Lose Weight Snowshoeing?

Did you know you can snowshoe in Delaware and lose weight at the same time? My adventures in snowshoeing and burning calories at the same time. Chart shows you how many calories you can burn depending on weight and time spent snowshoeing.

Don’t Hike A Trail Without A View

Let’s face it, not all of our adventures (at least not mine) are epic nor are the views spectacular so what do you do when you want to walk hike bike or run but you’re limited to a trail without a view?

10 Benefits of Urban City Hiking

When I was growing up urban wild places is where I fell in love with the outdoors. We didn’t have mountains in our back yard but we did have green spaces within the city limits that we explored every day. We played outside digging holes, catching tadpoles at the frog pond and made our own trails at our local city…

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Yarn Bombing – The Amazing Art of Knitted and Crochet Graffiti

I had never heard of yarn bombing until I took a walk on the James F. Hall trail here in town (Newark, DE) Now I’ve been on this trail before and had not seen this but on this warm day in March I decided to go back and photograph the daffodils I remembered from last spring that can be found…

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Trails, Trains and Snowshoes

Since we still had snow on the ground here in Delaware I wanted to continue my snowshoeing adventure so I settled on the Michael Castle trail, which is a 16 mile multi use trail that runs along the C & D Canal from Delaware City, DE to Chesapeake City, MD. I love this section of the trail because it’s a…

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Brandywine Springs – A Lost Amusement Park

Come along on my walk through Brandywine Springs Park. A park that has a long history dating back to the American Revolution. George Washington once slept here, a military school once stood here, a former Revolutionary War encampment, a mineral springs resort and later an beautiful Victorian amusement park.