Yarn Bombing – The Amazing Art of Knitted and Crochet Graffiti

I had never heard of yarn bombing until I took a walk on the James F. Hall trail here in town (Newark, DE) Now I’ve been on this trail before and had not seen this but on this warm day in March I decided to go back and photograph the daffodils I remembered from last spring that can be found…

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A Journey Around My Home Taking Photos

Take a fun microadventure and walk around you neighborhood or park and take a picture every 15 minutes of what you see at that moment. You just might be amazed at what’s right in front of you.

Wild Mushrooms On The Trail

Recently we took a mushroom walk in the White Clay Creek State Park on the Chestnut Hill Trail looking for wild mushrooms. It was a planned walk with a mushroom expert who pointed out several different kinds of mushrooms found here in Delaware. It was raining but all six of us who signed up for the walk showed up despite…

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Walking Is Fun Using A Pedometer

If you’ve read my about page I talked about small adventures, nothing epic. So my lastest adventure these past several weeks has been to get out and walk. Yeah, that might not seem like an adventure to you but for me it is. Why? Because I’m out of shape. I spend my days driving around as a home care nurse…

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