My Favorite Outdoorsy Gift Ideas

Here’s my favorite outdoorsy gift ideas I love and use in the great outdoors. So if you’re looking for a gift for the outdoorsy lover in your life you may just find it here.

A Fanny Pack Recommendation – Doggy Bum Bag

I’ve been using fanny packs for years, love the ability to get what I need without fumbling through a big heavy purse. I heard they had gone out of style but I never got the memo, I have about 5 fanny packs around that I use for various occassoins and situations. Love the hands free effect but still having your…

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Are You Using A Hammock When Camping?

Happy National Hammock Day! In celebration I thought I’d go looking at hammocks that are made for camping. It’s becoming more and more popular so I was curious as to how comfortable are they and do people really use them. Here’s what I found…. First of all let me just say I’m not convinced yet that I’d sleep in a…

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Cheap Tents vs Expensive Tents

I’ve heard this question asked so many times around the web and heck I’ve even asked this question myself “Why are tents so expensive?” There’s a few reasons why tents are expensive and I’ll explain why in a minute but first let me start by saying if you are new to camping, meaning you have never done it before or…

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5 Gift Ideas For Outdoorsy Type

Here’s a list of 5 special gift ideas for a friend or family member who’s an outdoor enthusiast. “Off the beaten path” guide books are always a big hit for those who don’t like the crowds and want to do something different in the area they live in or are visiting. For the bird lover, look for books or CDs/Audios…

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How Do I Update My Garmin GPS?

Step by step on how to update your Garmin GPS navigation system for your car from someone who’s done it and learned a thing or two about GPS.