Enjoy The Colors of Nature

Nature has every color you can imagine from the deepest darkest black to every variation of the colors you see in a rainbow.
I love color especially nature colors but sometimes we’re to busy to notice this beautiful nature color palette right in front of us.
It’s on display with it’s brilliance color scheme every second of the day, we just have to stop and look.

Lace up your Boots, it’s Time for an Outdoor Challenge

Yeah I love outdoor challenges but the truth is I haven’t been able to stick with any of them. I think I’m motivated but I loss interest and go on to the next challenge. Why is that?

Then Life Will Begin

Are you waiting until you have enough money, get a better job, buy a bigger house or take a dream vacation before you start living your life? Too much of our lives are spent waiting to live and that’s sad, because before you know it your life will end with many regrets, not for things you did, but for the things you didn’t do. That’s not how I want to get to the end of my life, how about you?

Faced My Fear

I’ve had a fear of water for a very long time. I’m talking about large bodies of water like the ocean or rivers and lakes, especially if I can’t see the shoreline. Not sure where this fear comes from because I can swim but I don’t do it often. I’d rather bake on the beach then go swimming. I think…

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Yarn Bombing – The Amazing Art of Knitted and Crochet Graffiti

I had never heard of yarn bombing until I took a walk on the James F. Hall trail here in town (Newark, DE) Now I’ve been on this trail before and had not seen this but on this warm day in March I decided to go back and photograph the daffodils I remembered from last spring that can be found…

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Setting Priorities

I have failed at setting goals for this past year. I never seem to stick to them. I have good intentions, I write them out, I make them measurable and actionable but can’t seem to follow through. So after years of trying to set goals I’ve come up with a better solution for me. I set priorities, not goals. Here’s…

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