4 Tips for Growing Basil Outdoors

I mentioned in my previous post, My Community Garden, that I was growing basil. Well that basil is tall and about to flower so I’m wondering, is it time to cut my basil? Here’s a few basil growing tips I’ve learned to answer my question above.

Pros and Cons of My Community Garden

Our town of Newark, Delaware started it’s first community garden this year (2015) and I am proud to say I am the first group of towns folk to participate in this experiment. As I write this post the growing season, for me anyways, is coming to an end but I have to say it’s been fun. I didn’t want to…

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National Plant A Flower Day

Today, March 12, is National Plant a Flower Day so I thought I would share some of my flower photos I’ve planted over the years and my thoughts about garden flowers. But first let me say I am not a expert gardener, I’m still at the experimental phase, planting different flowers and not just any flowers, I want them to…

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