Outdoor Cooking – Must Have Equipment

Don’t get overwhelmed by the thought of having to stock your outdoor kitchen with all the latest and greatest equipment because you probably already have most of what you’ll need to get started. So this list is for the beginners but can be for the experienced too….we sometimes forget a few things (I know I do!) Keep these essentials handy…

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My 3 Best Camping Tips Ever

We recently came back from a camping trip in West Virginia so I thought it would be fun to share with you 3 of my best camping tips I would give to a new camper or an experienced camper because when it comes to camping there’s always something new to learn about this fun outdoor activity which I love! 1….

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Cheap Tents vs Expensive Tents

I’ve heard this question asked so many times around the web and heck I’ve even asked this question myself “Why are tents so expensive?” There’s a few reasons why tents are expensive and I’ll explain why in a minute but first let me start by saying if you are new to camping, meaning you have never done it before or…

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Outdoor Cooking Classes

I’ve been wanting to try gourmet cooking in the outdoors for a long time and get away from cooking plain same old, same old packaged meals. Who says you can’t eat yummy foods in the woods? In fact I just got 2 new cookbooks in the mail yesterday called “The Great Outdoors Cookbook” and “Campfire Cuisine” I’m SO anxious to…

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Tea Creek Campground West Virginia Reviewed

Loved Tea Creek Campground in West Virginia! Why? For it’s remote location and plenty of camping sites to choice from. Here’s a story of our experience at Tea Creek Campground. Tea Creek Campground is located off Route 150, West Virginia’s Highland Scenic Highway, along the Williams River. We spent 3 days there this past May (2014) and loved it as…

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Car Camping Checklist

Your complete car camping checklist that you can print out if you want and add to it to fit your personal needs. For those of us who tend to forget something, having a list to refer to is so helpful when packing for a camping trip.