How to Make Campfire Baked Potatoes

Campfire baked potatoes are so easy and fun to make because you can spice them up any way you want. I like mine with lots of butter, salt, pepper and onion. How about you? Do you like lots of butter or prefer sour cream? I’ll share the details of how we do campfire baked potatoes but do read on to…

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Campfire Pizza Recipe

This is a simple and easy way to make pizza over a roaring hot campfire but you do need a pie iron but if you don’t have a pie iron I found a great pizza recipe from a outdoor adventure blogger, Paul – Mr. Adventure as he’s known on Twitter, that can be made using your camping stove. Pizza made…

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Meatless Pasta for Your Next Camping Trip

Meatless pasta can be made with red sauce or white sauce, take your pick. That’s the beauty of pasta it tastes great with either. ┬áTip – don’t make your own sauce during your camping trip, do this at home, you want it to be easy and quick. This could also be a backpacking recipe because they do make tomato sauce…

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10 Simple Food Backpacking Tips

I’m amazed at the variety of backpacking food items I can find at the grocery store these days. So don’t think you have to go to a camp store for your food backpacking items or that it has to be all dehydrated foods (not that there’s anything wrong with that) I encourage you to get creative with your food choices…

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Quick Easy Beef Stroganoff Camping Recipe

This is an easy Beef Stroganoff Camping Recipe or for at home. Just a few ingredients to make a delicious tasty meal on the trail or at home.