Here’s a easier way for you to get more out of our site. We’re exploring the many benefits of nature and what it can do for your whole body.

So here are your categories with a brief description about each one –

Adventures My favorite things to do outside are hiking and camping so this category is filled with lots of stories about my adventures. I love photography also so lots of pictures of the awesome beauty I see along the way. If you’re looking for a trail description or a campground review or you just want to live vicariously through me by reading by stories this is for you.

Fun things to do – This category is for the whole family. Simple easy ways to get everyone outside moving. We want to inspire you to put FUN back into your family’s life again. We’re all so busy these days but you need to slow down and get everyone involved in fun activities outside.

Food You have to eat to be able to get outside for some fun in the sun right? I want to share what I’ve been learning about food and it’s impact on how we feel. I’ll share recipes, product reviews on new foods I’m trying and the Whole Food Plan I’m eating.

Nature – Jody and I have been studying Nature Therapy or Eco Therapy,  learning it’s many benefits  such as managing stress or getting your creative mind working, coming up with that great idea for you next project and the best part is it’s free, available to all of us. We’ll tell stories about our nature connection and how it’s helped us move forward. Also FUN nature activities to try by yourself or with others.

Wellness I’m a nurse by profession and a wellness coach and Jody works in a rehab center helping those in recovery. Together we have a combined knowledge of health and wellness we want to share with you and also our own struggles to get well and stay fit. We’ll discuss stress, lack of sleep, eating healthy and more.

Gardening I’m new to gardening and want to explore more and my mission is to provide fun ways to make life in the garden easy and fun. Here’s a post I wrote about saving time and money doing yard work this fall.  

You will also find tags in the sidebar next to recent and most popular posts. Tags are more specific to a topic such as camping, hiking or walking. Click on tags to go deeper into a topic you love.

If you are new to the outdoors here’s a good place to start – Where to Go Outdoors

This is a growing site and we hope to add more as we learn more but one thing is for sure we want to motivate you to get outside, enjoy nature and find your connection to the natural world around you, it can help you in so many ways.

Explore, Discover and Relax outdoors is our motto and we hope we’ve given you plenty of reasons, places and fun things to do out in nature.

Thank You so much for being here and I hope to see you outside!!

Tina and Jody

P.S. We have a Fun in Nature Club closed group over on Facebook so if you want to come over there and get to know us better here’s the link –  

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