Lose Weight Snowshoeing?

Did you know you can snowshoe in Delaware and lose weight at the same time? My adventures in snowshoeing and burning calories at the same time. Chart shows you how many calories you can burn depending on weight and time spent snowshoeing.

Finding Summer Outdoor Fitness Programs

Although it’s summertime at the time of this writing, you can find outdoor fitness programs any time of the year. I’ve put together a list of 5 creative ways you can find outdoor fitness programs in your area. Meetup Groups These groups are all over the country, Click here to search for a meetup group in your area. Just search…

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What Does Yoga Do?

Yoga is one of those things I’ve been talking about doing for years but haven’t until now. Why? Because it’s an exercise program I thought involved movements I didn’t think I could do. It also involved meditation, something I was skeptic about. But I went through an online training program last year called “YogaNursing® Essentials” This is a simple, easy,…

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