Enjoy The Colors of Nature

Nature has every color you can imagine from the deepest darkest black to every variation of the colors you see in a rainbow.
I love color especially nature colors but sometimes we’re to busy to notice this beautiful nature color palette right in front of us.
It’s on display with it’s brilliance color scheme every second of the day, we just have to stop and look.

Live Life With Your Head In The Clouds

Do you remember looking up at the clouds as a child and laughing with your friends about it’s shape. Let your imagination run wild again with this fun nature exercise.

Shut Up and Listen To Nature

Make it a point in your busy day to stop and listen to the relaxing sounds of nature. it’s a great way to be in the moment and I promise, the rest of your day will be so much more enjoyable!

Connecting with Nature Through Our Senses

Learn through your senses. A FUN nature writing /drawing exercise to help you connect with nature and take that awesome feeling with you long after you’ve left that spot.

FUN Mindfulness Nature Exercises

Want to try a few simple easy exercises you can do just sitting on your back porch if you can’t get out into the woods. These nature exercises are meant to awaken the senses and open your mind to a different kind of therapy – nature therapy.