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21 Winter Fun Outdoor Ideas

I do love winter and despite the cold I still like to get outside because you can still have fun outdoors in winter. To prove you can still have fun in winter I created a list of

Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Adults

It's a fun scavenger hunt just for adults. Here's a FUN scavenger list for you to get you outside today with your friends, kids or family. A great way to escape outside for a little play time

Save Time Money Avoid Yard Work Today

Don't waste your time and money bagging up all your leaves this fall. Instead take your yard leaf litter and use as mulch, fertilizer and weed control in your garden, around your trees and shrubs. Leaf litter

5 Stimulating Walks

Don’t just take a walk, make your walk exciting and playful because if you’re walking and not really engaged, you’re just letting your mind wonder without being present, I think this makes for a boring walk, don’t

Lace up your Boots, it’s Time for an Outdoor Challenge

Yeah I love outdoor challenges but the truth is I haven't been able to stick with any of them. I think I'm motivated but I loss interest and go on to the next challenge. Why is that?
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