My Story

Tina lanciaultHello! I’m Tina, glad to meet you! This is my personal blog all about outdoor FUN and adventure!

I love getting out in nature, exploring my surrounding and lately it’s become an obsession traveling around my home here in Delaware, seeing all the beauty right here in my own backyard. Who knew!

I’m not originally from Delaware, my home state is PA in the heart of Amish country. I took for granted the mountains there. I missed those mountains and for that reason I didn’t explore much here in Delaware for many years because I didn’t think Delaware had much to offer.

Where I live it’s noisy, and traffic at all hours of the day. “Doesn’t anyone work”? Something I wasn’t used to coming from farm country.

When I was dating my now husband Danny, I said to him once “Where’s your back roads, everything here is 4 and 5 lane roads and traffic everywhere”.

That was 20 years ago (at the time of this writing) and now I’ve discovered those back roads and farmland and rolling hills and water, water, water everywhere. I’ve begun a different kind of adventuring, micro adventuring.

Getting out and traveling has open up a whole new world for me. I’ve learned to take care of me first by scheduling fun in the great outdoors into my daily routine.

I’ll share my stories with you hoping to inspire, inform and entertain you. And I want you to get out there too because it’s free for all of us to enjoy, just take that first step and get outside!

We all can’t travel far, far away all the time so my message to you is travel local, explore your unique area, every place has cool things to do, you just need to start looking for them. Read my Where to Go for information on how to get started exploring your backyard.

My back story

I’m a mom, grandma, wife and a tech geek who loves to build websites for fun when I’m not out adventuring.

Hubby (Danny) and I love to camp, hike, backpack and travel.

We have a beautiful Siberian Husky named Duke and a Black Lab mix named Luna who also love to camp and hike.

These days I work full time as a blogger, marketer and part time as a Oncology Home Heath Care nurse. I plan to transition out of nursing completely in the next few years and work full time online writing, coaching and traveling. So stay tuned for those adventures 🙂

I’ve been featured on HealthTap as 2015 Health Fitness Influencer. Check out the photos of me outdoors having fun! I’m caving, hiking and backpacking oh my!

I’m also the webmaster at Delaware’s only Caving Club – Commander Cody Caving.
If you have any interest in caving, check out our website and join. You do not have to live in
Delaware to be a member. We love new people and love answering questions about caving. We do lots

My best gig has been a Hike Like A Woman Ambassador! I’m one of 36 amazing women who inspire other women to get outdoors. Read all about it here.

Come hike with me! If you live in the Mid Atlantic region here in the Northeast, I lead hiking trips around the region. To join in come over to Facebook and join our private group. Click here for more information –

I’ve been named a Nation Leader at Mountain Matron and plan to work on projects with the founder of Mountain Matron, Rozanne, in the future.

If you’re interested in working with me, email me here or reach out to me on social media, would love to partner with brands or other bloggers in the outdoor and health industries.

Getting outdoors and into nature can help you heal in so many ways and it’s a great way to exercise and give back to the community, I’m thrilled to share my stories with you.

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