Hi I’m Tina and I’ve been an outdoor junkie for as long as I can remember. I used to climb mountains, backpack, cave and travel a lot.

But these days you can find me close to home, exploring local.

I’m enjoying the journey rather than counting the miles or seeing how fast I can hike.

It’s all about the micro adventure now.

Let me back up a minute.

We used to travel out of state at least once a month to go backpacking, caving and camping.

We also traveled to the Caribbean for snorkeling, scuba diving and relaxing on gorgeous white sandy beaches.

But then my husband lost his job and all that vacation time and money wasn’t there anymore. We had to adjust to staying home.

We haven’t traveled out of the country in a few years and only go camping maybe twice a year.

Fast forward to 2015 I started becoming very curios of my surroundings.

I’m not originally from Delaware so I wasn’t sure of what Delaware had to offer other than the beaches.

And since I drive around all day seeing clients in their home for my job as an oncology home health care nurse, I decided I would start checking out some new places.

Heck, I was in the area anyways why not stop and see what this park or refuge or beach is all about.

I started taking the Gazette map with me and making notes.

My wanderlust starting kicking in, I wanted to explore, go to new places, meet new people, and have fun outdoors again.

I could hear that loud voice in my head screaming “GET OUT AND EXPLORE HERE”.

And so I started this blog and began a different kind of adventuring, micro adventuring.

Getting out and traveling local has open up a whole new world for me.

I’ve gotten back to feeling like myself again and having fun scheduling outdoor activities close to home.

That’s the best part, the planning. I think I’m a good planner.

I pick one NEW place to go every week and put it on the calendar.

I gotten into a mindset that getting outside is a priority and not to change it or make excuses because I can make some really unique excuses for why I shouldn’t do out today.

I either go by myself if hubby is working or we both hop in the jeep with our 2 dogs and go for a scenic drive over the canal into slower Delaware.

So if you feel like you’ve lost yourself in your everyday busy life or money is holding you back or you don’t even know where to go or what to do, I can help.

Come join our Fun in Nature Club! Women only private Facebook group where we share photos, fun things to do, motivation/inspiration and fun challenges to get you outside. Learn more here.

I found a different way of adventuring that fits my lifestyle.

For me it’s about easy, simple and fun things to do that don’t cost much or are FREE most of the time, like walking or taking a scenic drive.

I’m more the lazy outdoorsy person now and I love it.

I’m enjoying the simple things and it doesn’t take much to bring me joy. Just bird watching or looking for wildflowers, this is more my speed now.

It keeps me active and I still get to feed my hunger for the outdoors, nature, travel and photography.

Don’t get me wrong I still hike but I mostly hike on flat lands now.

When we do get to the mountains I hike and climb but not as fast or as far, my arthritis has set in and my back starts bothering me after about 5 miles.

I’m adventuring differently and in some ways better because I get to learn and discover something new right here at home and it fits nicely into my every life now, I really like that.

My sister Jody has joined me on this journey. She was not an outdoorsy kind of person until she had an epiphany one day fishing with her son. She realized how quiet it was and how calming she felt.

She’s been hooked ever since.

It’s been so much fun teaching her all that I know about the outdoors and we’re learning together about nature and all its health benefits.

Who knew, you could actually be suffering from “nature deficit disorder” if you aren’t spending at least 15 minutes a day outside.

My new favorite book about this concept – The Nature Principle by Robert Louv.

My back story if you really want to know.

I’m a mom, grandma, wife, nurse and a tech geek who loves to build websites for fun when I’m not out adventuring.

Hubby (Danny) and I love to camp, hike, backpack and travel.

We have a beautiful Siberian Husky named Duke and a Black Lab mix named Luna.

These days I work full time on my business Lancio Media which includes writing, blogging, and marketing. I also work part time as a Oncology Home Health Care nurse for a large hospital here in DE.

My plan is to transition out of my nursing job and put those skills into good use as an entrepreneur running my own functional health coaching business.

And I’d also love to try my hand at travel writing. Stay tuned for these FUN adventures 🙂

Where I’ve been featured

I was featured on HealthTap.com as 2015 Health Fitness Influencer.

I’m also the webmaster at Delaware’s only Caving Club – Commander Cody Caving.
If you have any interest in caving, check out our website and join.

You do not have to live in Delaware to be a member. We love new people and love answering questions about caving.

We do lots of FUN STUFF!

My best gig has been a Hike Like A Woman Ambassador 2016 – 2017 class. Women inspiring women to get outdoors.

This has been an amazing journey and I encourage any women who loves the outdoors to find your outdoor community and become a part of it, it can be life changing.

I’ve been named a Nation Leader at Mountain Matron and plan to work on projects with the founder of Mountain Matron, Rozanne, in the future.

I’m so glad I made that decision a few years ago to start exploring locally and blog about my adventures.

I’ve met so many amazing women in the outdoor space, it’s changed my life.

OK, enough about me, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m inviting you to share your amazing stories and here’s a few ways you can do that.

Leave a comment below any of the posts you read and find useful.

Do share my posts and connect with me, I’m at @tinaoutdoors on most sites. If you love Facebook though we have a Fun in nature club there for women only come join us. You can read more by clicking here.

One more thing –

I have partnered with brands and advertisers on this site for review of their products and services that I personally use and LOVE! When you click through and buy I will receive a commission for that sale – Thank You! You can read the Privacy and Disclosure policies here. This is a for-profit blog, a division of my online publishing company Lancio Media.


Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this far.

Tina and Jody
Tina Lanciault

Jody Morales






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