Twitter Discussion on Outdoor Adventure

Have you been in any of Twitter’s outdoor adventure discussions or twitter chats or twitter parties? If not you should, there fun and it’s an inside look at what outdoor adventurers are doing and buying, also a great way to meet like minded people.

But first if you don’t know how a twitter chat works or how to get involved here’s a tutorial for the first time user.

I’m assuming you have a twitter account (if not go sign up now) and type into your browser, next type in the #hashtag of the chat you want to get involved in.

Using Tweetchat is much easier for you to follow the conversation and it’s added new features which I like, much more user friendly than it use to be.

Here’s 3 hashtags used for weekly twitter discussion or chats about camping, hiking and adventure that I’ve been involved in – #hikerchat #campchat and #trailtime.

#Trailtime is Thursday at 11am MDT hosted by Sierra Trading Post, @Sierratp. It’s all about trail time adventures.

#Hikerchat is on Fridays at noon EST hosted by @TETONsports and @BackCountrytees all about hiking, camping, and exploring.

#Campchat is on Tuesday nights at 9pm EST all about camping.

Times are subject to change so check using the hashtag in a twitter search just in case they change.

To join in just show up at the time scheduled and look for questions being thrown out to you by the host of the discussion or chat, use the hashtag and tweet away answering the questions and sharing your thoughts and pictures. WARNING, the twitter stream moves fast so be ready!

After it’s over Travelogx will do a recap which makes it convenient to go back for a review. You can follow people you’ve met in this discussion or click on their links to products or articles they referred to.

Below is a recent #campchat I was involved in (I’m the one with a red box around my face) They had @campingwithdogs as their guest host. Lots of fun, interesting tips and of course dog pictures.

Travelogx recap

Where can you find twitter discussions or chats on your particular topic?

Hashtags are simply keywords with the symbol # before the keyword. So if you’re looking for a particular discussion check out the calendar of twitter chats here – Tweetchat/Calender. I’ve only scratched the surface with the 3 twitter discussions I mentioned above.

Get involved, it’s a great way to get together, share information and met new people in your niche who are talking about a topic you love. I plan to make time for more twitter discussions in the future.

If you want to learn more about twitter, Joel Comm and Dave Taylor just came out with their new book titled twitter power 3.0. I’m reading it now. Good stuff here and up to date (2015)

You can follow me on twitter as well – @tinaoutdoors


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