21 Winter Fun Outdoor Ideas

I do love winter and despite the cold I still like to get outside because you can still have fun outdoors in winter.

To prove you can still have fun in winter I created a list of 21 fun things to do out in nature. Take advantage of being outside in winter because less people so more room for you to wander and wonder in nature.

Not all are free and you do need the winter gear but something to think about if you’re looking for FUN things to do in the wintertime.

1. Ice Skating – This is something I would love to learn but just haven’t tried yet. Do ice skate on designated areas please, wouldn’t want you falling in, that would surely ruin the fun of being outside in the winter.

2. Build a snow cave – If there’s snow where you live get out with the kids or your friends and build a snow cave. Imagine having to live in one of these snow caves for the night or longer, could you?

3. Snowshoeing – We just came back from West Virginia and did snowshoeing. This is a work out and should be done in deep snow and you may lose some weight, check out this post.

4. Hiking – One of my favorite things to do and less crowded on the trails in the winter. If lots of snow is on the ground put on your snowshoes (as mentioned above) and hike on!

5. Cross country skiing – This can be done on trails or if your street hasn’t been plowed yet and you live in town, take advantage of getting some cross country skiing in, Big Fun! My hubby and I had done this a few times in our neighborhood.

6. Skijoring – If you’re lucky enough to have 2 huskies like us they are naturals at skijoring (read more here) although when our chocolate lab was alive she was OK at skijoring but huskies are so much better. My hubby has done this in our neighborhood a few winters ago and the looks we got from everyone was priceless!

7. Walking – Get out in your neighborhood and go for a brisk walk. Nothing like the cold weather to get you moving and home faster than on a warm summer day.

8. Hockey – Call your friends up and put a hockey team together and have fun at the neighborhood playground or on your street if you can.

9. Ice fishing – I have never tried this but lots of people enjoy this sport, something new to try.

10. Snowball fights – This is fun but don’t hit me in the face or head, especially if you’re playing with someone who can throw a fast ball, ouch!

11. Sledding – Sledding was our favorite thing to do as a kid. We had a huge hill just across the tracks from our family home. Great way to make fun memories with your kids.

12. Build a bonfire in the backyard – We love having a fire in the backyard anytime of the year but especially in the winter, something about standing or sitting around the fire with friends is so relaxing even if it is below freezing outside.

13. Snowmobiling – If you’re lucky enough to have one or are in an area that gets lots of snow and you can rent one (like our friends did in Wyoming) go for it. Something to put on my bucket list of new things to try.

14. Polar Bear Plunge – Swimming or just taking a dip in the ocean, river or lake in the winter is an annual event in more areas. So if you’re missing swimming or being in the water and want to support a great cause for special Olympics check out the Polar Plunge in your area.

15. Skiing and snowboarding – Of course you can do this at your local ski resort but if you’re experienced and want to try backcountry skiing or snowboarding you certainly can. I have done backcountry skiing in the Adirondacks but do know the trail your skiing on, this is not for the inexperienced skier.

16. Camping/Backpacking – This is not done only in the summer months, winter is a popular time to camp and backpack, I’ve done both. So don’t put away your camping gear just because it’s winter but do dress in layers and come prepare to spent lots of time in your tent if the weather suddenly gets bad. Not something I do much of anymore but something to try even if it’s just overnight.

17. Bird watching – You can still see lots of birds in the wintertime, not all fly south. In fact they are easier to spot due to the leaves being down. Grab your binoculars and see how many different species of birds you can spot.

18. Take pictures – Get outside and take gorgeous pictures of the winter scenery all around you especially snow pictures. Good time to get familiar with your camera, try different settings and do video of your friends and family having fun outside in the winter.

19. Visit a National Park – Winter is probably the best time to visit our national parks because it’s less crowded, still lots of wildlife to see.

20. Letterboxing or Geocaching – These are similar outdoor hobbies that can be done anytime of the year. Letterboxing uses orienteering and puzzle solving to find the boxes and Geocaching uses GPS coordinates to locate the container, they make for a fun time in the woods or at your local park or where ever the adventure takes you. Good way to learn orienteering skills and have fun at the same time.

21. Caving – Go underground in the winter, its’ probably warmer than above ground and half the fun of caving is looking for the cave. Do go with someone who is experienced if you have never gone before, it’s not something that should be done by yourself or if you’ve never done it before.

Most of these are activities I have done myself and have had fun doing so I challenge you to get outside this winter and try one new activity. And if you don’t have the gear such as skies or ice skates, these can all be rented first to see if you like the activity, you can always invest later if it’s to your liking. That’s what I have done over the years.

What’s your FUN outdoor winter activity?


P.S. If your interested in caving check out the NSS website. This is the National Spelunking Society or if you live in Delaware, we have a caving club here called Commander Cody Caving Club, that I am a member of and webmaster of their new website. Check us out here – CommanderCodyCaving.com.

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