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Our Healthy and Active Lifestyle Outdoors

I’m sure you’ve heard about living a healthy lifestyle, a green lifestyle, a Paleo lifestyle or how about the swing lifestyle, but what exactly is the outdoor lifestyle?

The meaning of lifestyle is the interests, opinions, behaviors, and behavioral orientations of an individual, group, or culture.

Pair that with the outdoors and you get a group of people who love nature, the environment, simple and easy, back to basics living, domestic animals and wildlife, hiking, fishing, climbing, camping, caving and all sorts of fun outdoor activities they can’t live without or get enough of.

We are die hard lovers of the outdoors, we do outdoor activities even in the dead of winter, camping in zero degree weather, or rock climbing the side a cliff hundreds of feet up or repelling down a black hole to explore the underground beneath us.

And a few of us who love the outdoor lifestyle also are lucky enough to work in the outdoor industry.

That’s what this blog is all about, I make it a priority to get outside daily and share my adventures with you through stories and pictures. I love it so much I want to inspire others to find one fun thing they love to do outside and do it daily.

Because being outside is free and belongs to all of us to enjoy everyday. It’s living a healthy and active lifestyle, which I’m passionate about.

How I get outside daily, creating my outdoor lifestyle is to schedule outdoor adventures usually a week in advance if I’m exploring locally but if it’s a camping trip or long backpacking trip that takes a little more planning.

I don’t try to fit it in somewhere it’s part of my weekly or monthly schedule. And it’s so routine for me now that I don’t need much notice to go on an outdoor adventure. Our “camping room” as we call it, is organized so I can find what we need quickly. See below.

Camping room

Our lovely camping room

I’m always on the lookout for new places to go and I’m always amazed at what’s close to home. Do a search in your own area for local outdoor adventure, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

My husband and I take week long camping vacations. While others are spending lots of money in fancy hotels we’re out loving our tent and camping stove and long walks in the woods with our dogs.

I’ve been an outdoor enthusiast since I can remember, playing in the woods not far down the railroad tracks behind our house. I went on my first camping adventure when I was about 11 or 12, sent off to summer camp scared to death that something bad might happen to me if I was forced to sleep outside. I survived and have been hooked on outdoor adventure ever since.

It’s sad to me to see people who can’t get outside. I’m a visiting nurse a few days a week and it breaks my heart when someone who loves being outside is to sick to go outside. I can’t imagine a day not being outside but there are lots of people who don’t have medical problems but still choose not to go outdoors, this is even sadder to me.

An outdoor lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated, it just takes a love of something outdoors. I challenge you to try gardening, or bird watching, even if it’s from your back porch. Or try fishing, or go for a walk in the woods. Visit your local park or better yet your state or a national park.

Go for a scenic drive or wade in the creek, take your kids for a nature walk and look for mushrooms on dead wood.

Getting outside has so many health benefits as well. It’s a great stress reliever, calms the mind, helps people be more creative and productive.

There’s tons of research done on the health benefits of being outside and a really good read on this topic is “The Nature Principle” by Richard Louv. He also wrote the best seller “Last Child in the woods” both excellent reads. Click the pictures below to read the reviews.

Richard Louv coined the phrase “Nature Deficit Disorder” Do you suffer from this?

If so, you need to do something about it now rather than later. What will you do about it?

I’ll stop for now and leave with that thought above, but expect to find future posts on this topic that’s so dear to my heart and hopefully yours, that’s why you’re reading this.

I hope you found this useful and DO SHARE with your friends. If you’re an outdoor junkie connect with me on social media, I can be found on Twitter, IG, Facebook and Pinterest at @tinaoutdoors


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