Outdoor Cooking Classes

I’ve been wanting to try gourmet cooking in the outdoors for a long time and get away from cooking plain same old, same old packaged meals.

Who says you can’t eat yummy foods in the woods?

In fact I just got 2 new cookbooks in the mail yesterday called “The Great Outdoors Cookbook” and “Campfire Cuisine” I’m SO anxious to get out and do some serious campfire, grilling and Dutch Oven cooking.

So I went looking for an outdoor cooking class here in Delaware.

All I could find was a healthy cooking class in Southern Delaware which I probably would have signed up for if I didn’t already have plans for that date. I’ll have to keep a look out for the next one.

It seems the only places I could find that are offering outdoor cooking classes is out west in Montana, Colorado and Washington states or south in Georgia and South Carolina.

I’m sure there’s more (there not showing up in search results) so I thought I’d introduce you to a few that pique my interest.

First, if you’re looking for a different kind of vacation check out Camp Cooks School.

They were featured on the Food Network, and the link above is to clips of that show, a taste of what you’ll get if you book a 2 week camp cooking class or a 4 day Dutch oven cooking class.

Prices are listed on their website so if you’re looking for an education vacation that teaches you a skill you can use in you outdoor lifestyle, go for it! I would love a vacation like this 🙂

Another option is Swan Mountain Wilderness Cooking classes which is an actual cooking School offering a complete program of instruction in camp and back country cooking. For serious outdoor cooks only or if you’re interested in training to become a camp cook this is for you. They’ll even help you find that outdoor camp cooking job. Sweet!

From their website –

The curriculum includes lessons on meal planning, kitchen management, and culinary techniques with an emphasis on cast iron, campfire, and primitive cooking. You will also learn basic baking, smoking, grilling, and survival food preparation skills.
In addition to a wide-ranging and detailed, hands-on course of instruction on camp and back country cooking, you will also have an opportunity to be exposed to and practice some basic outdoor skills including First Aid, Map Reading and Orienteering, Basic Horsemanship and Packing, Survival, and Firearms Safety.

Talk about an extraordinary outdoor experience.

Also REI backcountry cooking class in Georgia does one day classes. You won’t be an expert but you’ll have the basics and that’s all you really need to get started.

And Dutch oven cooking in Washington State

But if you’re like me and don’t have the luxury of an outdoor cooking class near you, here are some resources online I’ve found useful.

There is an outdoor cooking channel online. Tons of grilling, BBq and dutch oven cooking lessons with recipes. I learned a few things here by watching their large selection of videos on demand.

But my favorite website is Cooking-outdoors.

A really helpful website with videos and tons of recipes by Gray House. Do you know how many coals it takes to get your Dutch Oven to 350 degrees? The answer is here.

And Did you know cooking with a dutch oven is a few hundred years old? Lewis and Clark used a Dutch oven on the exploration of the west.

Outdoor cooking doesn’t have to be done while camping, you can try your recipes at home on your backyard grill or in your fire pit. I can’t wait to get started with cooking outdoors, we plan to do some Dutch Oven cooking on a winter trip we’re taking next month. I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Outdoor Cooking!


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