7 Outdoor Cooking Tips for Campers

Outdoor cooking, especially camp cooking, is fun and you could actually experiment with outdoor cooking at home first if you’re new to camping.

And even if you have camp cooked before you might want to try something new like Dutch oven cooking or freezer bag cooking. I’ll give you links to cool cook camping recipes and products I know you’re gonna love.

Meal planning

It’s essential when backpacking or car camping. Make sure you have enough food and that you eat well. No need to eat only hot dogs and can chili, get creative with your outdoor cooking recipes

Keep Away Unwanted Guests

To avoid attracting bears and other unwanted critters, make sure your outdoor cooking area is as far away from your tent as possible. Always throw away all garbage, pack up food and put away in sealed containers or in your car and wash your dishes away from your sleeping quarters.

Cook At Home First

Before leaving home fully prepare soups, stews and other one-dish items and put them in plastic bags or containers. All you have to do is reheat when you get to camp. Makes cooking easy pessy, especially if you get into camp late.

Make Cleanup a Breeze

You can reduce the number of dishes to clean when cooking by“freezer bag cooking”. It’s a method of adding boiling water to freezer bags filled with your favorite foods. Try this method, popular with backpackers.

Save Time

Another way to save time when cooking at the campground is pre-cut vegetables and marinate your meat at home. Everything will be ready to cook when it’s time, no wasting time doing prep work, more time for fun outdoor activities.

Use a Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven is a great investment for your campfire cooking. You can make just about anything you make in a regular oven in a Dutch oven. We have friends who bake a cake at our annual spring and fall caving events, something I’m planning to get into this year. Check out this detailed website for everything you wanted to know, including recipes, about Dutch oven cooking.

Use your Campfire as your Stove

Instead of cooking on the camp stove try cooking your meals over the campfire. Some of my favorites are Hot dogs and Brats cooked on a stick, baked potatoes in foil cooked on hot coals or campfire, and a nice meaty steak cooked in a roasting cage or grill set over the campfire.

Feel free to add your own tips to this list and share with your friends.


Tina 🙂
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