5 Fun Winter Things To Do

Winter is definitely not the time to stay inside just because it’s cold outside. In fact, getting out of the house will help beat those winter blues we all experience this time of year.

I know I do so I thought I’d pull together a list of 7 fun things to do in the winter to stay active and outdoors.

1. Ice Skating – There are a few indoor ice skating rinks around the state but Wilmington DE now has an outdoor ice skating rink that is tons of fun for the whole family.

Check for outdoor ice skating rinks in your area and have fun getting back on your ice skates and showing us your moves.

2. Hiking – Now’s the time to get out and hike the 15 state parks Delaware or where ever your happen to live. Here in Delaware state parks are free from Nov. 30 to March 1. You will most likely have the trails to yourself, I don’t run into many bicyclists or horseback riders this time of year. Winter hiking though requires the right boots, snowshoes (in certain areas they are required) or crampons for icy conditions. Be prepared and take the necessary essentials with you, like extra clothing and food/water.

3. Bird Watching – Not all birds head south for the winter. Swans, Geese and Duck are common but you can also catch a glimpse of Morning Doves, Great Horned Owl, Downy Woodpecker and the Red-Winged Blackbird to name a few. Head to the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge and Prime Hook wildlife refuge areas for winter bird watching here in Delaware or find out what’s common in your area in the wintertime and get out and look for them. Fun activity for the whole family.

4. Go to the Beach – Winter time is a fantastic time to travel to the beach. Plenty of room to walk on the beach. Although you can’t swim (unless you want to take the polar plunge) you may get lucky and catch a warm day to sit for a while and take in the sounds of the waves. Also great time to take photos of sunrise and sunset. I love these kinds of photos, I never get tired of taking them.

5. Take a Train Ride– Take a steam engine train ride in the winter. Here in Delaware, the Wilmington and Western Railroad is open year round. You’ll ride an original 1929 Pennsylvania Railroad “Doodlebug” railcar. Steam and Disel Locomotives, red caboose and passenger cars, follow the Red Clay Creek for much of the 10 miles of track between Greenbank and Hockessin.

You can charter the train and/or station for your next event such as a wedding or business meeting or rent the red caboose for your next party. This would be a fun birthday site for kids who love trains. Check out their website here. Be sure to scroll down to watch a video of this amazing ride. I’m sure you can find something like this in your area or make a weekend trip out of it and visit a place you haven’t been before, it’ll be fun!

Don’t stay indoors this winter, get out and explore, it’s the best time and as you can see some things are free or low cost and a great way to beat the crowds, have fun and stay active.

Check out your own community to see what’s going on OUTSIDE.

Tina 🙂

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