Riverfront Outdoor Ice Skating Rink Wilmington DE

When I was young we ice skated on an actually pond. Not that I ever ice skated though, I went to hang out with my friends.

But nowadays more and more cities are creating their own outdoor ice skating rinks just like the most famous one in New York City, the Rockefeller Center.

Delaware jumped on the band wagon a few years ago when they decided that the riverfront area in Wilmington would make an awesome place to build an outdoor ice skating rink for the winter.

Do you have an outdoor ice skating rink in your area?

I did write briefly in a previous post when they first opened and have been going down every year since.

I love to people watch and take pictures so this is the prefect place to go on a clear, cold winter day.

Every time I’ve been here there’s been tons of people ice skating so it’s definitely popular and I’m always glad to see kids and families outside in the winter, having a blast.

They’re open from late November to mid February so take advantage of all the FUN activities they have going on.

Here’s a link –Riverfront Ice Skating Rink Information.

Once at the outdoor ice skating rink you can walk around without paying to get in but if you are ice skating there is a fee.

So if you want to just sit and do some people watching you can, they’s a few tables and chairs but they fill up fast.

I’d love to get my husband down here one of these times and watch him ice skate, he’s the skater in the family, diffidently not me.

You can also grab a bit to eat and get a hot drink at the snack bar.

And if the snack bar isn’t enough for you there’s other restaurants within walking distance of the ice skating rink along the riverfront walkway.

A note from the Riverfront Official website –

Justison Landing Green, will be transformed into Wilmington’s own “Rockefeller Center” with holiday decorations, twinkling lights, and festive music. The beautiful green grassy area will give way to a 72’ x 120’ skating rink. The rink will be able to accommodate approximately 350 skaters at a time.

They are also boosting Good health, Good times, and Cool fun YES!!

Check out these fun activities they have planned – ugly sweater night and single skating night.

You can also rent the ice skating rink for you and 350 of your closest friends or throw a birthday party here, even available for hockey leagues.

This is worth checking out whether you ice skate or not. I watched in awe at how good some people are at ice skating and lots of laughing even when someone fell, it still seemed like they where having a blast.

So if you haven’t ice skated in awhile and loved it once maybe it’s time to dust off those skates and get out there!

A thrilling winter outdoor activity for the whole family.

Do you love or hate ice skating? Leave me a comment below and do share with your friends.



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