Outdoor Cooking – Must Have Equipment

Don’t get overwhelmed by the thought of having to stock your outdoor kitchen with all the latest and greatest equipment because you probably already have most of what you’ll need to get started.

So this list is for the beginners but can be for the experienced too….we sometimes forget a few things (I know I do!)

Keep these essentials handy in a plastic container, that way your ready to go for that big weekend adventure at a moment notice.

Must Have Equipment

Cooler – need to keep the food and beer cold, don’t leave home without it! And don’t forget the ice that goes in it. You want to keep your cooler at 40 degrees or below.

A really sharp knife – You’ll be doing lots of cutting and chopping, make sure it’s sharp.

Plastic cutting board – Need a flat smooth surface to do all that chopping.

Can and Bottle opener – Although if you forget this you can open your cans with a sharp knife or you bottle with a lighter although I never have been able to open my beer with a lighter. Thankfully my hubby is really good at this.

Measuring cup – You should only need to pack one and no need for measuring spoons, use the palm of your hand to measure out a teaspoon or tablespoon.

Spatula and big stirring spoon – Use for stirring up your sauces and scramble eggs or pancakes.

Silverware – Spoons, forks and knives for everyone.

Plates – Again enough for everyone or you can bring paper plates then burn them in the fire. Buy your plastic plates, silverware and drinking cups at the dollar store.

Cups, mugs or whatever drinking cup you prefer for your hot and cold beverages.

2-quart pot and about a 10 inch or less skillet – can be non stick or stainless steel. You can use your old cookware for camping, that’s what we’ve done in the past especially if you don’t want to buy new stuff just yet.

Camp stove and fuel – Make sure you bring enough fuel and learn how to use your camp stove before you set out on your first camping adventure.

Coffer pot – Must have for me who loves my coffee in the morning. We use a stainless steel peculator style coffee pot.

And always bring a light source. If you’re not using a lantern at camp do bring a headlamp. You’ll need it anyways to find your way to the bathroom even if it is a couple of feet from your tent.

Must Have Supplies

Ziploc bags
Garbage bags
Aluminium Foil
Matches or a lighter
Paper towels
Dish soap, scrubber and dish towel for clean up afterwards. If you’re doing the cooking delegate to someone else in the group to clean up. That’s fair.

You can also bring fire starter to get your fire starter faster but don’t bring your own firewood. Here in the northeast they don’t allow you to take firewood over state lines so know what the laws are in your area. Most campgrounds have firewood or know where you can buy some and never ever go out and cut down living trees for your fire, only use dead wood.

A few nice to have items but not needed –

Dutch oven
Grill to put over the camp fire
Charcoal if you are doing grilling either with a grill or campfire grill or if you’re using a dutch oven.
Cork screw if your drinking wine. I guess this would be a must have if you’re a wine drinker, move this up the list. For me I prefer beer.
Tablecloth to put over the picnic table.

Everything I use goes into a plastic container and is packed, ready to go.

Hope this helps and let me know what’s in your portable kitchen box by leaving a comment below.

Now get outside and have FUN!

aka @tinaoutdoors

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    Hi Tina!

    Love your posts.

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    • Tina

      Thanks Steve for your comment. Would love to try this product but unfortunately it’s getting cold here on the East coast so wouldn’t make sense to review it now but I will keep it on my list of things to try in the spring. Thanks so much for bringing this product to me attention. I like it and would love to see it in action.

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