3 Interesting Things I Discovered In Delaware

AS I’m racing around trying to get last minute Christmas shopping done, I paused to take in some new and fun happenings around Delaware this week. Wilmington’s has an ice skating rink at the riverfront, a amazing tower cam to check out the view from above without leaving your home and Delaware finally has a National Park.

3 Interesting Things I’ve discovered

First State National Historical Park – Delaware was the only state that did not have a national park but now we do, finally! Here’s the news from the Associated Press release on Dec. 14 2014 –

Delaware is getting its first national park through a bill heading to President Barack Obama’s desk.
The national park expansion won approval Friday in the U.S. Senate as part of a major defense package.

The legislation will create the First State National Historical Park. It include sites designated last year as Delaware’s First State National Monument.

The park commemorates Delaware’s history and preserves about 1,100 acres near Wilmington. The sites include the Woodlawn Trustees property near Wilmington, the Old New Castle Courthouse and the Dover Green. The National Park Service may add other sites to the park as well.

The park designation was a longtime priority for Vice President Joe Biden.

Delaware was the only state without a national park. Congress did not allocate additional money for the park’s administration.

You can read more from a National Geographic article about how this area first becoming a National Monument in 2013.

Tower Cam Our local radio station WSTW 93.7 said for the 100th time to check out their tower cam while I was out and about, I finally did and it’s something to see if you haven’t already.

This tower cam is 417 feet above the 93.7 WSTW broadcast studios in north Wilmington, the Citizen Corps Tower Cam delivers cool views of the surrounding countryside. This is the highest vantage point in the State of Delaware, (not the high point of Delaware which is around 450 feet) and as they say on their website – “on a clear day you can also see New Jersey and Pennsylvania from this location.” They are encouraging people to check back often to see approaching weather systems, sunrises and sunsets, city skylines and more. Just take note you can only see where they have the camera pointed but still worth checking out.

Riverfront Ice Skating This is a very popular and fun outdoor winter activity and Wilmington’s Riverfront area is getting their own outdoor ice skating rink.

Ice skating is not a activity I’ve learned how to do, it used to be on my bucket list but now I think I would break my ankle or worst yet a hip but I do love being there and taking in the sites and sounds that an ice skating rink brings. It’s awesome to have an ice skating rink at the Riverfront.

Read my review about Wilmington, DE 1st Ice Skating Rink.

What did you find interesting in your neck of the woods this week? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear about it!



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