White Clay Creek State Park Wildflowers

Still experimenting with my new camera, the Cannon Power Shot SX510 and I discovered a new feature that will put together the photos you’ve taken into a video. You don’t have to have it in video mode, but you do have to put it in movie digest mode which I realized what that setting was for after I uploaded the photos to my PC and found it had made a short video for me. Very cool feature.

The Big Pond Trail is a short maybe a mile long hike to what I thought would be a really Big Pond but it was swampy and you’re not easily able to see the pond, only a glimpse of it through the trees.

But I did capture some fall wild flowers and interesting scenery along the way to share with you. I’m now trying to identify what each flower is. In the spring I plan to do this again for the spring flowers that are in bloom and hopefully I’ll be able to identify them.

It was still a nice hike but at the beginning of this hike I saw a deer which I put in at the end of this video. I didn’t have the movie digest mode on at the time that’s why the video goes quiet at the end.

This is my very first video which has led me to create my own You Tube channel, check it out and subscribe. I plan to post more videos together as I get better at it.

Thanks for watching, I’m having tons of fun with my new camera and getting out more, hope you’re getting out more as well.

Enjoy! 🙂


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