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It seems simple right? Get outdoors and you’ll feel so much better they say. But what if you’re not an outdoorsy person or you’re afraid to go to the park alone.

Maybe you don’t know enough about nature or where to go to learn more about it.

And the biggest complaint I hear is “I don’t have time, I’m so busy with work and family, I can’t go off on my own for some me-time“.

I hear you, really I do. I’m busy too but I’ve learned something in the past few years – we all have the same amount of time in the day we just have to prioritize what’s most important to us.

For me (Tina) and my sister (Jody) we’re making time spent outsides worth putting on our calendars every day because we love all the feel good benefits nature has to offer not just for our bodies but our crazy minds and our loving souls.

Getting out into nature is free and research has shown it clears the mind, helps with focus and clarity, calms you, keeps you in the moment and helps you to get to know this beautiful earth all around us.

I know it’s easy to stay glued to our phones and while this technology has been great for our lives in so many ways it has also taken a toll on our well being.

We spend the majority of our time indoors, physically and mentally disconnected from the nurturing energy and support nature has waiting for us just outside our front door.

Yes, it may seem simple to some of you to get outside, but for those of you struggling with it or you’re not the outdoorsy type but you’re willing to try something new and different, we have a FUN club just for you.

Join our club – I promise, it will bring Calm, FUN and Joy to your life.

The link is below and it’s FREE!

We’ll show you some easy, fun and free ways you can get outside and connect with your wild side.

It’s a daily dose of self-care for women who don’t get out much, who don’t know much about nature and its health benefits, and aren’t the typical outdoorsy type you see on all those gorgeous Instagram photos.

No, we’re the out of shape, don’t want to go far or do anything hard kind of gals.

But we’re willing to learn to RELAX outdoors, reconnect to nature and ourselves with simple activities.

So if you’re ready for an alternative way to feeling good, join us.

We’ll have FUN challenges you can do anywhere and at any time, all you need is a little bit of green space to get your dose of green care along with a spoonful of Vitamin (nature)

This is a closed Facebook group where we can share photos, thoughts, inspiration and FUN discussion so we can lift each other up and help each other along our journey in life. For women only, sorry guys.

Join us even if you don’t want to do the challenges. Be a part of a growing community of nature loving women.

Jody and I will be in the Facebook group daily to help support you in your journey to discovering how awesome nature can be as a healing tool you can use everyday.

Our goal is for you to overcome any barriers to nature you may have, to feel connected, joyful, confident and to maximize your time spent outside so you can feel good about YOU wherever you are on your journey.

If this is you, come join our community and let’s do this together by getting outside, exploring, discovering and relaxing.

Let’s share our experiences and build each other up. Let’s start having fun outdoors again like we used to when we were young.

Nature has amazing powers we can all use to become better, happier and healthier beings for ourselves and for those who love us.

Thank you so much, you can join our Facebook group here – https://facebook.com/groups/clubnature
Peace and Joy,
Tina and Jody

Need to relax, join our Facebook Group Fun in Nature Club

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