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Yard work, who likes doing yard work, not me. As much as I love being outdoors, I’d rather be looking at my beautiful yard then working in it.

It’s time consuming and gives me back pain. So this year I avoided it for as long as I could.

As I write this it is the week of Thanksgiving. I should be done with my yard work by now but I’m procrastinating as usual.

Instead, I sat down to finally read a chapter in a book I got last year called “Bringing Home Nature” by Douglas W. tallamy.

It’s all about “How you can sustain wildlife with native plants”.

I’ve been learning about native plants trying to become familiar with what I should plant and why their important.

So before I get started with my yard work I wanted to see if there is anything I should be doing now to get my yard ready for next spring.

This is me procrastinating, anything to avoid doing yard work.

Well surprise! My procrastinating paid off this time because I learned that raking up your leaves is a waste of time, energy and money!

Here’s why – When you remove “leaf Litter” as it is called, you’re removing many free things like free mulch, free fertilizer, free weed control, and free rich soil.

Leaf litter also provides a habitat for many of the good predators that help keep your garden ecologically balanced.

Also a deep bed of leaf litter acts like a sponge soaking up HuGE amounts of water during downpours.

Because without leaf litter, according to Douglas W. Tallamy “rainwater typically flows off our properties and into the gutters, flooding streams, rivers and occasionally your homes. When the rain stops, leaf litter that has been allowed to accumulate releases its moisture, keeping the plants and trees in your garden well hydrated, even during dry periods”.

Yard leaf litter can be mulching, fertilizing and watering your land with little effort from you. I like that, less work for me.

Leaf litter also creates many beautiful wildflowers that grow only in this kind of environment.

That’s why I find so many wildflowers in the forest on my many hikes. I didn’t know that, I just thought maybe someone planted them there, never realizing the leaves where what help create them.

You learn something new every day 🙂

Another reason why leaf litter is so important is it provides shade and food for wildlife in your area, not to mention all the good insects it can brings to your garden because insects are very important to a healthy garden too.

Leaf litter mulch - it's FREE

Leaf litter mulch – it’s FREE

I did wonder though, will my yard look unkempt if I don’t rake the leaves?

I raked my leaves to the area I wanted mulched and fertilized so as you can see in the photo I did get them off the lawn which did look a little unkempt.

I like the look.

This was so much easier then bagging them and paying someone to take them away.

I saved time and money. YES!

I love the idea of free mulch, free fertilizer and free weed control. With 2 dogs I don’t like using cehmicals in my yard at all and even if I didn’t have dogs I don’t want chemicals around my yard.

So stop wasting your time bagging your leaves, read this great article from the National Wildlife Federation Blog – 6 Excuses to Avoid Yard Work This Fall

Thanks so much for reading, hope you learned something new about the amazing world of nature, I sure did.

Now enjoy a few fun photos of interesting things I found in my yard.


mushrooms growing on the stump

Mushrooms growing on the stump

so many pine cones I made a happy holiday sign out of them

So many pine cones Happy Holiday!

Did you know they sell leaf litter? Who knew, maybe next year I could sell my leaf litter 🙂

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