Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Adults

This week it’s a FUN scavenger hunt!

Remember doing this as a kid, I can. We used to have scavenger hunts at camp and I loved it!

And guess what, You can still do this as an adult. It’s a great way to escape outdoors for a little play time.

Here’s your mission for this week –

Mark an area of 12 ft by 12 ft using sticks, stones, leaves or anything that is naturally found in nature.

You can do this anywhere, in your back yard, at the park or in the woods. It’s also fun to do with someone else or with your kids.

Your area can also include the sky down to the earth, doesn’t have to be just the ground beneath your feet.

Find and write down as many items on the scavenger hunt list as possible in 15 minutes.

Scavenger Hunt List –

Something heart shaped
Something blue
Something living
A root of some kind
Something in motion
Something you what to learn more about
Something that is a mineral
Something that is green
Something sharp
Something red
Something that makes you smile or brings joy or a fond memory
Something that doesn’t belong in nature

That’s it! How many items did you come up with in 15 minutes? You can share your scavenger hunt finds in our Facebook group Fun in Nature o – or leave a comment below.

If you want, you can come up with your own scavenger hunt list or change the area or time, the goal is to enjoy a little play time outside, unplugging from the pings, dings and rings of your phone, enjoying nature.

Have Fun and Thank you so much for being here!

Peace and joy,
Tina and Jody

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