Wild Mushrooms On The Trail

Recently we took a mushroom walk in the White Clay Creek State Park on the Chestnut Hill Trail looking for wild mushrooms.

It was a planned walk with a mushroom expert who pointed out several different kinds of mushrooms found here in Delaware.

It was raining but all six of us who signed up for the walk showed up despite the rain.

So with our rain coats on and umbrellas up we headed onto the trail to see how many mushrooms we could find but first a brief summary of the mushroom contribution to the ecosystem and a warning of which ones not to eat.

I learned a few things….Did you know mushrooms help decay wood? If mushrooms didn’t exist we wouldn’t have our beautiful forests we have today.

After the walk we were treated to a buffet of assorted ways to cook mushrooms from crab stuffed mushrooms to mushroom soup in the dining area of the Judge Morris Mansion. Very cool!

Delicious and the best part is we got to take home several different kinds of mushrooms with recipes to try.

Now I don’t remember which mushrooms are bad for you, the ones you should never eat ( I think there red in color) I will say I won’t be picking wild mushrooms out on the trail anytime soon. I prefer to buy them.

It’s more fun to look for them on the trail, and something fun you can get the kids involved in doing while your hiking with them, turn it into a fun game, who can find the most mushrooms!

But the nurse in me did wonder…. what nutritional value do mushrooms have?

Here’s what I found –

Nutritional value of mushrooms

Mushrooms are good for you in several different ways. But first let me mention that mushrooms are low in calories, fat free, low in sodium and cholesterol free.

Mushrooms provide important nutrients but the 3 I will mention here are Vitamin D, Potassium and Umami.

Vitamin D most of us know comes from sunlight but mushrooms are the only plant base food that can provide Vitamin D and lots of it if exposed to sunlight long enough which mushroom growers do to increase the amount of Vitamin D mushrooms contain, sometimes as high as 400 IU of Vitamin D per serving.

Potassium found in mushrooms can provide up to 100 grams of potassium equal to one banana per serving of button mushrooms.

Umani is a natural flavoring found in mushrooms which gives a saltiness flavor without the salt or sodium. It’s a great choice to cook with mushrooms (the darker the better) if you’re on a low sodium diet. You’ll have a delicious flavor without having to add salt.

Other health benefits include antioxidants which help with immunity and weight management (low in calories)

So if you want more information (this is my resource for the information you’re reading here) head over to www.mushroominfo.com. Read about the mushroom story, nutritional value, find tons of reciepes and more. Great resource if you want to learn more about mushrooms.

Do you love mushrooms? Maybe you hate them but know someone who does love them, then by all means share or leave a comment below and tell me why do you hate them?


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