My Adventure at Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge

I came across a flock of Snow Geese (see short video above) I couldn’t stop gazing at their beauty.

This is an updated version of my scenic drive down Route 9 Delaware Bayshore Byway, to visit the beautiful Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge here in Delaware.

Learn more here – Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge

Bombay Hook is one of the largest national wildlife refuge on the Atlantic Coast’s migratory flyway covering 25 square miles of ideal marsh lands and freshwater ponds with 12 miles of gravel roads to do a wildlife drive where you can bird watch right from your car.

Fun Things to Do at Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge

  • Five walking trails (2 handicapped accessible)
  • three observation towers
  • A prefect place for wildlife photography
  • Hunting opportunities certain times of the year
  • Nature and educational programs for all ages
  • Go inside at the visitors center for the interpretative displays.

You can definitely spend all day here exploring by foot, bike or car.

Now for a Photo tour and be sure to check out the video above:-)

Take the Boardwalk trail, one of 2 wheelchair accessible trails, fun and a little scary at first when you don’t know what’s behind all that tall, tall grass.

Boardwalk Trail at Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge

Walking the Boardwalk Trail in Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge

The view from the deck Boardwalk Trail at Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge

And do try at least one of the observation decks for an amazing view atop.

Observation deck that has telescipe for you to view the birds at bombay hook wildlife refuge

View from the top of the observation deck of bombay hook wildlife refuge

Do you know your Birds?

Identification of the birds you may encounter in the Bombay Hook wildlife refuge

Watching the birds at the Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge

Finding a touch of pink/purple flowers.

Finding pink/purple flowers at Bombay Hook wildlife refuge

There’s a fox that lives here but I haven’t seen him yet. Just do a search on Instagram for Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge and you’ll see plenty and while you’re at it follow me @tinaoutdoors

I so want to get into wildlife photography and this is the camera I’m looking at – Sony Alpha 6000 Mirroless Digital Camera. Hopefully by the time I come back in the fall, which October and November are the best times to visit, I’ll have a new camera.

Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge is one of 2 National wildlife Refuges in Delaware. Stay tuned as I make my way down the coast line to visit the second one, Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you’ve been here or not. Love to hear about your adventure to this special place.

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