I Belong in the Woods

I feel peace when I go into the woods. My busy life overwhelms me at times and the only way I’ve found to calm my brain is to go for a walk in the woods.

I belong here, I know it because my mind begins to be quiet so it can hear the birds singing, the tall, tall trees swaying in the winds and the creek water flowing.

My senses come alive and I feel a warm sensation in my gut.

It’s excitement and joy! I’m finally outside, in the woods, away from you, the mean world that hurts me sometimes.

I come out here in the woods and it all goes away. My thoughts turn to my surroundings as I breath deeper and slower. I’m opening up and letting nature in.

I’m now present in the moment. I feel gritty and a big smile comes across my face 🙂

My mind turns to curious thoughts about nature like “What kind of flowers are those? or “Will I see a fox or an owl or a bear today”? Actually I don’t really want to see a bear in the woods but maybe from a safe distance.

I could stay here all day and never go back to my life. Of course, that’s just silly talk, my life isn’t all that bad and I know I can come back here any time I need help.

The outdoors is my self care tool, it keeps me sane, grounded and puts life in perspective. I come to the woods to heal, gain strength, build confidence.

I feel alive and connected again.

I skip out of the woods feeling happy go lucky and ready to pass these good vibes on to the people I meet in my ordinary life.

So I schedule my day around my next adventure, I go when it’s raining, I go when It’s hot and buggy or cold and freezing.

The woods belongs to me and you and all of us and best of all, it’s free!

I belong in the woods.

How about you, do you love the woods? If not, why not? I’d love to hear your thoughts on what being in the woods means to you and do share with all your friends.


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