Shenandoah Mountain Trail, VA

For years our friends have been talking about Maplefest in Highland Co. Va and this year we finally had a chance to go and experience the sweet taste of maple sugar in a variety of foods, like maple sugar pork barbecue, maple sugar donuts and of course maple sugar on our buckwheat pancakes. YUM!

So to burn off all that sugar we hiked about 2 miles up and back on the Shenandoah Mt Trail.

It was a glorious clear cool spring afternoon in March when we started our hike.

The Shenandoah Mt Trail is a 30 + mile trail you can do as a backpacking trip or as day hikes.

In the Ramsey Draft Wilderness area, where the Shenandoah Mt. Trail meanders through, you can connect with other trails turning your hike into a loop hike.

Ours was not a loop hike, 2 miles up, 2 miles back.

This part of the trail starts in Williamsville, Va where the trail crosses ScotHollow Draft road. We headed north up the mountain.

If you have a Va Gazetteer you’ll be able to find it on the map or any trail app you’re using will have it marked as a lookout.

It’s an easy grad up switchbacks with the last pitch to the summit the steepest. Great afternoon hike and a great first hike for beginner hikers.

I’m thinking of coming back with my HLAW local hiking group to do more of this awesome trail.

Below is my photo tour of our FUN hike on the Shenandoah Mt. Trail ~ Enjoy!

Hiking the Shenandoah Mt Trail

Let’s go hiking!

View on the way up the shenandoah mt trail

View on the way up

More awesome views on the way up the sheandoah mt trail

More awesome views

uphill to the top

Our last push to the top

View from the top looking at mountains of George Washington National Forest

The amazing view from the top looking out into the George Washington National Forest

view Shenandoah mt trail view to my left

Another view to my right on the Shenandoah mt trail

Another amazing view to my right

dead tree on Shenandoah mountain

Tina having a summit beer

Having a summit beer

Tina, Danny and Duke our hiking husky dog

heading down the shenandoah mountain

It’s time to head down the mountain and back to reality

If you’re looking for a quick hike to do while in the area this hike is for you. It’ll give you an amazing view with little effort.

Hope you enjoyed my photo tour and if you’re interested in hiking with me, join our Hike Like A Woman group on Facebook to see when the next hike will be. This group serves the Mid Atlantic Region here in the Northeast.

Any questions, leave a comment below or you can reach me on social media @tinaloutdoors would love to connect with you.

Hope to see you outdoors!

Tina 🙂

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  1. Nicole Anderson

    Nice hike, awesome views and photos!

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