Hiking Historical Tri-State Marker Trail In PA

The NEW Tri-State Marker Trail or Tri-State Trail is a 4 mile loop trail that meanders through Delaware and Pennsylvania only stepping into Maryland at the Tri-State marker site. This historical marker is where 3 states come together – Delaware (DE), Pennsylvania (PA) and Maryland (MD) and until recently lived on private property, not accessible to the public. The only way to get here was to trespass, bushwhacking through boggy marshes and lots of stream crossings. You definitely had to know the GPS coordinates to find it.

The trail can be accessed from the Arc Corner Parking Lot (at the end of Arc Corner Road, off Chambers Rock Road, in Landenberg, PA) and the White Clay Creek State Park’s Nature Center (off Hopkins Road in Newark, DE). I got to it by starting in the White Clay Creek State Park main entrance, Carpenter Recreation Area, off New London Road or Route 896, north of Newark, Delaware.

I hiked the Twin Valley Trail first until I got to the Ace Corner marker where PA and DE meet. From here I continued west following the Mason Dixon Trail crossing Hopkins Road and into PA and the White Clay Creek Preserve.

After a short distance I came to an intersection. Here is where I turned left onto the Tri State Trail and started my 4 mile loop. Check the map below to determine where you want to start your hike.

Map of the Tri State Trail or the Tri-State Marker Trail from the White Clay Creek Preserve Website

Tri-State Trail Map source White Clay Creek Preserve

From here it’s a leisurely walk in the woods, over many stream crossing by way of newly constructed bridges (no getting your feet wet) and after hiking less than 2 miles I found the Tri State Marker directly in front of me just before turning right crossing over yet another bridge.

Be sure you’re Following the lime green trail markers.

Tri State Trail

As you can see on the trail marker in the picture above you are also on the Mason Dixon Trail. A quote from the White Clay Creek Preserve website –

The Mason-Dixon Trail System received permission from PA DCNR to reroute the Mason-Dixon Trail onto the Tri-State Marker Trail. The Tri-State Marker will be the only actual Mason Dixon marker along the 194-mile Mason Dixon Trail.

Check out my post on my Facebook Page where we had a great discussion about this marker, I learned a few things. Click the image to read the discussion and please add to it if you want. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Was a marker ever placed here by Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon?

This trail is easy to follow the first 2 miles but becomes a little more challenging if you continue on the Tri State Trail loop.
Stay on Trail sign

When you see this sign “Stay on Trail” it really means pay attention to where you’re going because you can easily get off trail and have a hard time finding your way back to the trail especially if you’re an inexperienced hiker.

This was such a enjoyable hike I can’t wait to go back in the spring, looking for wildflowers and continuing on the Mason Dixon trail.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures and go hike this trail so you too can stand in 3 states.
Tri State Trail wooded area
Tri State Marker
Tri State Trail Bridge

I always carry a pack and at least 1trekking poleson every hike. It’s important to carry water and snacks on every hike because you never know what might happen, even the most experienced hikers get lost. and I just might need that trekking pole for something other than balance. 🙂

Bridge Crossing on the Tri State Trail

The land on the Maryland and Delaware sides are still privately owned, that’s why you’ll see posted signs and purple or blue painting on trees.

FYI – Purple or blue paint on trees means private property. Respect the land owners and stay on trail.

purple painted trees marking private property

Purple or Blue paint on trees means private property.

If you want to know more about the creation of this trail and the fascinating history of the Tri State Marker check out the White Clay Creek Preserve’s website.

And if you want to see if there is a Tri State Marker where you are because there is 38 areas in this country where 3 states meet, this list if for you – http://www.peakbagging.com/Peak%20Lists/TriPt3.htm

Have Fun outdoors looking for your 3 state marker!

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Tri State Trail Marker in PA MD DE

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