Dog Friendly Beaches in Delaware

Do you like going to the beach with your dog? Well here in Delaware we have a few dog friendly beaches just for you.

Augustine Beach

If you live in northern Delaware in New Castle County you can check out Augustine Beach, it’s off of Route 9 just pass Port Penn. It’s a small beach but dog, kid and fisherman friendly. This area is managed by the Fish and Wildlife Department of Delaware. No life guards here and the beach area goes away when High tide comes in so don’t expect much. It does sit directly across from a power plant in New Jersey so if you don’t mind looking at that it’s a favorite hang out for locals, especially fishermen. And there are no posted signs about your dog having to be leashed.

Slaughter Beach

Traveling down Route 1 closer to the more popular beaches in Delaware is Slaughter Beach. This was a surprise to my husband who has lived in Delaware all his life but had never been here. He really liked it and we are considering renting a house here in the future, that’s how much we both liked it.

A much longer and wider beach, it’s managed by the small town of Slaughter Beach and is home to horseshoe crabs that come by the hundreds in May to July to spawn.

There are signs posted that your dogs must be leashed due to the horseshoe crab sanctuary here.

Broadkill Beach

Broadkill beach and Slaughter Beach are close but they are separated by the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge so you cannot drive down the coastline from one beach to the next, you need to go back to Route 1 and travel a short distance south, but worth the effort.

Broadkill does not have posted signs stating your dog needs to be leashed. We saw many dogs that were not leached. In fact our own dog Bandit was off leash for a short time until he started greeting every new dog that came onto the beach and some owners were not happy to see a big Husky coming up to say Hi to there small dog which I understand. Huskies are a bit intimidating.

Dan Duke at Broadkill Beach in Delaware

Duke and Dan @ Broadkill Beach in Delaware

If you want to know if dogs are welcomed at the remaining, more popular beaches in Delaware, here is a downloadable pdf from the Delaware State Parks stating which beaches allow dogs and what time of the year.

Be aware the more popular beaches, like Rehoboth and Dewy, do not allow dogs on the beach from May to September, click the link above to be sure.

These are my picks for the best beaches in Delaware for dogs north of Lewes Delaware. If you found this information useful DO SHARE with anyone who is interested in dog friendly beaches in Delaware.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you outside!


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