Don’t Hike A Trail Without A View

Let’s face it, not all of our adventures (at least not mine) are epic nor are the views spectacular so what do you do when you want to walk hike bike or run but you’re limited to a trail without a view?

First of all, go anyways because every trail has it own unique beauty, you just have to look harder to see it.

For example, I’ve walked the James F. Hall trail in Newark DE a few times now and love it. It’s a flat, asphalt, 2 mile one way trail, in town, with houses everywhere and it follows the railroad tracks so every few minutes you’ll hear and see the train whizzing by.

Not the best of views, right?

But being the optimist that I am I try to find the good in everything including a trail without a view.

I’ve discovered that by looking at the odd or unusual in nature I can find the beauty on any trail no matter how drab it may seem at first.

Here’s what I do to make the trail without a view a lot more interesting.

I look at the trees. Now I’m no tree expert, I only know birch, maple and pine trees but I do like to pick out the most usual tree and photograph them.

For my walk on the James F. Hall Trail I snapped a few photos of trees that had water near or around them.

water around trees along the James F Hall Trail in Newark DE

Last spring I happen to come across a few trees on this very trail that were yarn bombed. I had no idea what it was and couldn’t wait to get home to research it. I learned something new and hope to see yarn bombing more often, it’s much prettier to look at then graffiti.

Yarn Bombing along the James F. Hall Trail in Newark DEYarn Bombing on James F. Hall Trail in Newark DE

Another thing I love to do is look up for birds and listen to them singing or look down and in front of me at the geese crossing the road. Geese are everywhere here.

Check out the video on Facebook of the geese crossing the road. Come over and like my page on Facebook.

Flowers are my favorite thing to photograph, even if there in someone yard. LOL! My favorite is hunting for wildflowers.

Daffodils growing wild along the James F. Hall Trail

Daffodils growing wild along the James F. Hall Trail

I also look for old building especially ones that have been restored, like the old train station along the James F. Hall Trail.

Old Newark Train Station in Newark DE

Or colorfully painted houses which I can’t show you a picture of but I can tell you a story.

A client of mine was giving me directions to her house and she said “look for the purple house you can’t miss it”
and boy was she right. It wasn’t just purple it was deep dark purple. To say this house stood out is an understatement. I loved it but I wondered what her neighbors thought about it 🙂

And I can’t forget about looking for wildlife, even in the city there’s always critters of some kind running around. My husband snapped this photo of a deer he saw at our local park while walking the dogs.

Deer in our local park

Another thing that makes where you’re walking/hiking a little more interesting is to do research on why a trail exits. There’s always a story behind it and I’m fascinated by these stories. It’s a great way to learn about your community and or the exciting places your exploring.

On that note here’s a history lesson on the James F. Hall Trail –

Jim Hall was the City’s first Parks and Recreation Director, an outdoorsman and a conservationist. He founded our Summer Playground and Rittenhouse Camp programs to share his love of nature with Newark’s young people. Youth scholarships are awarded every year so those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to participate can.

I love to look down into the creeks and ponds and marvel at the gorgeous reflections looking back up at me.

Water Reflection along the James F Hall Trail

Water Reflection along the James F Hall Trail

A few other FUN things you could do –

  • Look for one color along the way like red or orange and call out when you see it.
  • If there’s park benches and it’s a busy place sit and people watch, that’s always interesting.
  • Find a special place to sit and draw, write, doodle or meditate.
  • Look up at the sky, what kind of clouds are they, is a storm coming or does it look like it might snow. Can you
    predict the weather by looking up at the sky?
  • Walk the same trail at different times of the year (for those who live in 4 seasons areas) I’m always amazed at
    how different trails look in different seasons.

So don’t walk that trail without a view, if you thing it’s boring, save your energy for the mountain climbing because if you can’t find the beauty in the ordinary then let those of us who can have the trail to ourselves.

Read my nature exercise series for more great ideas on having fun outdoors. 

I hope this helps you to get out and marvel in the beauty of your trail without a view.

Please do share and let me know what you do to make a trail without a view more interesting and fun by leaving a comment below.


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