Kelly Run Trail PA Adventure

I recently did an awesome day after Christmas hike with people I didn’t know.

Actually, I knew one, I had met her online but had never met her in person.

I was nervous about doing this.

That negative voice in my head kept saying “You should back out, you don’t need to hike with people you don’t know. What if they don’t like you”?

Oh the things we say to ourselves to justify why we shouldn’t do something new.

I thought about listening to that voice but decided NO, not this time, it’s time to step out of my comfort zone and just GO.

What’s the worse that can happen? They could beat me up and leave me for dead in the woods. Now I’m really thinking crazy thoughts.

So on a cloudy cold Monday morning I got up early and got on the road by 7:30 am. Meeting time was 10 am. It should only take about an hour to get there.

I hate being late for anything so I gave myself plenty of time just in case something went wrong, like getting lost or stuck behind a horse and buggy (Amish).

I didn’t get lost but I sure did get stuck behind about 10 horse and buggies (not all at once, thank goodness, although this has happened to us).

It slowed me down and rattled my nerves a bit but I still manged to get there by 9 am.

I walked around taking pictures and checked out the starting point while gunshots were going off all around me.

Starting point of the Kelly Run Trail in PA

Start at the trail next to the ball field and head west

It’s hunting season here in PA but I’m prepared.

At about 9:50 am they started to arrive. Mo and Christina had their dogs with them, Jody and I were without our dogs but as it turns out we all have dogs and more than one, how cool!

Nice to be hiking with other dog lovers.

Hiking with dogs on the Kelly Run Trail in PA

Hiking with Dogs

The Kelly Run Trail is about a 3.9 mile loop that crosses Kelly Run 4 times so be prepared to get your feet wet if you’re not wearing waterproof boots which my Asolo boots are.

Old Bridge you cannot cross must do stream crossing

Bridge that you can’t cross, not sure why it’s not been repaired

My Asolo boots held up until the last creek crossing. My foot went into the water above my ankle so I hiked out with one wet foot.

This is why I always hike with extra socks.

If it had been warmer weather I’d brought my Northside sandals to change into. These are my new creek crossing shoes for future hikes.

There’s also a swimming hole here, this could be BIG FUN in the summer time!

Swimming hole along the Kelly Run Trail in PA

Awesome swimming hole

You’ll do some climbing over rocks but you’ll be rewarded with pretty views of the creek below and tons of rhododendrons and Azalea bushes everywhere.

Climbing over big boulders along the Kelly Run Trail

Climbing over big boulders

I must come back in the spring to see what colors they are.

Beautiful Waterfalls along the Kelly Run Trail

Kelly Run Waterfalls

The steepest elevation will be heading back up to the parking lot which I would guess the elevation to be at about 600 ft.

Kelly Run Trail is a moderate hike due to the stream crossings and climbing over big boulders so not a beginner hike although it could be depending on one’s ability.

It took us about 2 1/2 hrs and that was with a few breaks to take lots of pictures.

Not bad for us ladies! I loved it, it was an amazing experience.

These ladies couldn’t have been nicer and I highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and stop listening to that voice in your head because it will keep you at home dreaming of what you could be doing instead of what you actually can do.

So start meeting people you follow online offline and get out and adventure together, you’ll be amazed at how great it feels to hang out with like minded people.

And you’ll never know until you take action.

That’s my goal for the new year – to be intentional – take action – make my dream life happen instead of waiting for it to come to me.

Now let me through it to you –

How do you feel about hiking with people you never met before in person? Yes? No, you would never do it? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Group shot of us hiking the Kelly Run Trail in Holtwood PA

Tina Jody Mo and Christina

My favorite sandals I can’t wait to get back into, Northside Burke II. They also make hiking shoes – Monroe Low hiking shoes. There’re less expensive than the name brands. I have both and love them! Click the image to check them out for yourself over at Amazon.

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  1. Magretha Palepale

    Such great pics, Tina! I have to get me that doo-hickey thing you used to hold your camera to the tree. 🙂

    • Tina

      Yes you need one and they also make an adapter for holding your cellphone too, not just for cameras. Here’s my referral link from Amazon – It now comes with a remote control which mine didn’t.

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