Enjoy The Colors of Nature

Nature has every color you can imagine from the deepest darkest black to every variation of the colors you see in a rainbow.

I love color especially nature colors but sometimes we’re to busy to notice this beautiful nature color palette right in front of us.

It’s on display with it’s brilliance color scheme every second of the day, we just have to stop and look.

So this nature exercise is all about finding as many colors as you can.

What to do

Find your natural area you want to focus on. Bring pen and paper or use your phone notepad.

Write down all the colors you see in the next 10 minutes.

You can look up, down and all around your natural area.

How many colors did you see?

Were they the same or many different colors?

Feel free to paint, draw or write about all the colors you’ve seen.

How does seeing all these amazing colors make you feel?

Or if you didn’t see many colors why do you think that is?

How do you feel about not seeing many nature colors?

Try this even if you’re sitting on your back porch, you don’t have to go far. Be inspired by what you see and carry that with you as you go about your day.

Enjoy your day filled with nature colors everywhere!


Join our Fun in Nature Club over on Facebook, we have monthly nature challenges, we’ll inspire and motivate you to get your buns out there. We’re also a fun group of women to hang out with 🙂

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