Live Life With Your Head In The Clouds

Do you remember looking up as a child and laughing with your friends about the shape of a cloud.

You thought it looked like a dog and your friend thought it looked like a monster.

Oh….to be young again, when letting our imagination run wild was what our day was all about.

So with that in mind, today’s nature exercise is all about looking up and putting your head in the clouds for a few minutes.cloudspotting by Gavin Pretor Pinney

This is something you can do even if you can’t get outside, just look out the window.

Pick a cloud you like. What does your cloud look like?

Does your cloud remind you of something or someone?

Can you identify the cloud type?

Are the clouds telling you bad weather is coming?

Don’t do anything yet, just watch your clouds roll by and let your imagination run wild.

When you’re done enjoying the moment draw or write about what ever comes to mind.

For added inspiration, watch the TED talk video below by Gavin Pretor-Pinney, the founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society.

I loved It! I promise, you won’t look at clouds the same way ever again. 🙂

Love the title of the video “Cloudy With A Chance of Joy”.

You can also view beautiful photos of clouds, there’s one that looks exactly like a flying saucer.

Here’s What I Did

This was a fun exercise and I realized I do look up at the clouds a lot but I do it more to predict the weather not actually for an exercise in mindfulness.

So I looked up, trying hard not to think about what I should be doing instead of standing here in the middle of this field.

I started laughing out loud and thinking “This is silly” but on the other hand it was also fun.

I found some interesting shapes. See my photos below.

clouds of different shapes

It’s what this exercise is about, to be aimlessly doing nothing but watching the clouds because sometimes we need to do nothing, why do we always have to be doing something?

It’s the easiest thing you can do, without doing much of anything at all, how hard is that.

So the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed bring your mind into the moment by just looking up at the clouds.

And start living your life with your head in the clouds every now and then.

Thank you so much for reading and doing this nature exercise, hope you liked it!

Now let me know how you did in the comments below or share this post with someone who needs a little joy in their life.

He also wrote a book (the guy in the video, go watch it)

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