FUN Mindfulness Nature Exercises

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “I need to take a walk and clear my head”.

Well, it just so happens there’s tons of research that says getting outdoors and into nature will definitely clear your head plus a whole lot more.

Being out in nature can reduce stress, sparks ideas, help with conflict, bring on happy thoughts, stir feelings you didn’t know you had, help with depression, anxiety and so much more.

Please watch the video below, it sums up what I’m about to ask you to do.

How Forests Heal People from Nitin Das on Vimeo.

Did you watch the video?

I hope so because reconnecting with nature is what I’m about to ask you to do with these simple nature exercises I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks.

Not physical exercises but exercises to help you gain a connection to the natural world with your mind.

You’ll use your senses, words and drawings to guide you in that connection.

7 FUN mindfulness nature exercises.

This idea came from a short book I recently read (link below) that listed 20 different exercises you can do in nature.

And these exercises are for everyone whether you can get outdoors or not.

If you can’t get out you can use houseplants or your pet or just looking out your window or sitting on your porch, that’s how simple this is going to be and FUN!

Tools you’ll need.

  • Grab a pen or pencil and notepad or a drawing pad if you love to draw or doodle, like me.
  • Bring your smartphone. I have no problem with smartphones in nature but I will say don’t get on social media, you can do that when you get home.
  • Use your phone to take pictures or download nature apps that help you identify a plant or a tree or a bird.
  • If you want you can bring coloring pencils and a coloring book, it’s up to you.
  • You can also record the sounds you’re hearing through video or audio.

Move towards things you’re attracted to in nature.

This means find spaces, plants, trees, animals or whatever it is in nature that calms you, makes you feel good or warms your heart.

If you hate being in the woods by yourself don’t go there, instead go to a public garden center or your community park or your own back yard.

Here’s how it’ll work.

  • Find your natural attraction.
  • Ask permission to be there. Yes, talk to the tree or rock or waterfalls you want to visit (remember, be open minded).
  • Start feeling with your senses.
  • Write and/or draw about your connection to this natural place.

I’ll be asking you questions during the exercise to help you reflect on what is happening to you right now.

These exercises are designed to be repeated because you are growing and changing all the times so you’ll have a new experience every time with new meaning.

That’s it!

This will be a fun and creative way to tap into the healing power of nature for your body, mind and spirit.

I plan to do a series of seven different exercises that work on different senses, so be sure to follow along.

And I definitely want to hear all about your experiences so leave a comment at the end of the exercise.

Have FUN with your first exercise –
Find a Tree, Be a Tree, Smell a Tree.


Recommended Reading – I have all of them and so fascinated by this topic, I can’t wait to share more with you.
Eco Art Therapy by Theresa Sweeney
Naturography by Erin Waterman
With Nature in Mind by Andy McGeeney
Nature Walk Journal by Potter Style

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  1. Lynn Terry

    I love this exercise, and I’m excited to follow this series! 🙂

    I’m most attracted to waterfalls. I always have been, but I recently realized something amazing about them – while going through a particularly hard time in my life. Something so simple and so obvious, but profound to me…

    Every single drop that flows over a waterfall is unique. It is traveling over the top and falling for the very first and very last time – ever. So while it appears consistent and constant… it is consistent only in the fact that it’s constantly changing, by the micro second.

    Those water drops are like teardrops, falling for the first and last time ever. Every teardrop is fresh and new, and the old ones are long gone in an instant.

    I’m going to enjoy these nature exercises. Thank you!!

    • Tina

      That’s beautiful Lynn, Thank you so much!

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