Connecting with Nature Through Our Senses

Refer back to the post“Fun Mindfulness – Nature Exercises” to understand what this post is all about.

Today’s nature exercise is all about trees.

Feel the tree, smell the tree, be the tree – learning through our senses to connect with nature.

Now some of the exercises may be a little weird at first but I’m being open minded.

I need to find a tree I like or that I’m “attracted to”.

So I’ve come to my neighborhood park where there’s plenty of trees to choice from.

Here’s my pick –

Birch Tree

I asked permission from the tree to be there.

This felt a little funny at first but I didn’t get a bad feeling.

In fact, I actually started feeling good.

Now it’s time to feel the tree, smell the tree and listen to the tree.

And if I really want to go out on a limb, 🙂  Be the tree.

Tina with her feet against the tree

I took my shoes off to really get a sense of how it felt. I also put my cheek up against the trunk.

It felt rough, like how I was feeling – a little rough around the edges.

But once I sat down to write about my connection to this tree, I started to feel calm and that roughness I was feeling earlier started fading away.

I wrote – quiet – colors – peaceful – unplugged – balance – harmony – getting away.

Drawings of the benefits of the tree

This drawing (I know, I can’t draw) and the words I wrote reflected how I was feeling sitting under this gorgeous tree.

The tree was providing shade on this hot day and helping me to relax.

I loved this exercise!

I thanked the tree and gave it a name – Birch (because I think it’s a birch tree ?)

Now every time I walk through the park I say Hi to Birch.

I know, it sounds a little crazy but I truly feel a connection to this tree and have no problem talking to her.

Here’s a few more options for you to try.

  • Be the tree. “Study how it stands and use your sense of body in space to become the tree”. That’ s from the book Naturography.
  • You could write a poem about the tree using the words you used to describe the tree earlier.
  • You could also draw the tree you’re sitting under or trace a leaf or other objects you find under the tree.
  • Identity the tree, do you know what kind it is?If not, take a picture of the tree and look it up once you get home.

Pick whatever helps you make a connection to the tree.

By getting in tune with your senses in nature you become more aware and develop a better understanding of yourself, your surroundings, the world.

OK, now it’s your turn. Go find a tree to sit under and do this exercise.

Let me know in the comments below would love to hear all about it.

P.S. Recommended reading – Naturography 

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