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I am so happy to announce that I have been chosen to be an ambassador for the Hike Like A Woman website, Woo Hoo!!!

So what does that mean?

Well, ambassador means “a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity” and that activity here happens to be hiking, particularly women who hike, (sorry guys but you can follow along).

How cool is that! I get to write, review, travel, taste, learn, teach and entertain you, along with a few of my ambassador friends.

This is an awesome community of women hikers who want to inspire other women to get outside 🙂

Rebecca Walsch is the owner of this cool women hiking site called Hike Like A Woman.

I’ve been following her since she started her new site about 2 years ago and loved her from the beginning. Maybe it was the fact that she lives in Wyoming (a place I love) or maybe because we share the same values about the outdoors. She loves being outside, gets her kids out all the time, she’s entertaining and inspirational.

Why I joined Hike Like A Woman Ambassador program

I’ve loved the outdoors since I can remember. My parents never took me camping or even for walks in the woods, they worked long hours, so my first taste of the outdoors was with my brothers and sisters. We were allowed to play all day back at the frog pond not far from our house catching tadpoles and frogs, trying to fish and splashing in the creek, just being kids having fun outdoors.

Later I became a girl scout and sold girl scout cookies as a way to pay for a week at summer camp and that’s where I really fell in loved with the Great Outdoors!

When I was a teenager my brother was interested in caving so I said sure “I’ll go find a cave with you” No one else wanted to, mmmm…..I wonder why? So off we went looking for caves.

We learned quickly that the caving community can be annoyingly secretive about the location of caves and for good reason which I won’t go into here but this is where I learned basic navigational skills like how to read a map and the importance of GPS coordinates.

And so my love of the outdoors grew from that frog pond to summer camp to caving and than backpacking, which I had never done before meeting my husband.

We’ve been on a few epic backpacking adventures where we saw no one for days, no cell service and no clue what was going on in the world.

I love the silence, the smells, sleeping like a baby and waking up energized for a new day with only one thing to do today and that’s get to the next camp site.

I make sure I take in the gorgeous views along the way, no rush (mostly) unless I’ve lollygagged so much it’s now getting dark, than it’s time to move a little faster. But I’ll take this kind of hurrying any day over sitting in traffic here at home.

My passions are hiking, camping, and backpacking.

I also love road trips, travel and eating really good food with a mean craft beer in hand and trying new outdoor activities I’ve never done before, like kayaking and bike riding.

Nowadays though, I’m slowing down and enjoying my surrounding, loving the natural world right in front of me and trying very hard to be mindful and present. I’m doing a lot of urban hiking, discovering new adventures close to home I never knew existed and facing my fears, one of which is water.

Read my kayaking story here.

So to answer the question why I joined Hike Like A Woman Ambassador program?

To share my love of the outdoors with an awesome group of woman who also want to educate, entertain and inspire other women to get out there no matter what your limitations are, it’s free and anyone can get outside and breathe the fresh air and enjoy nature. The health benefits are endless and for me, it’s better than therapy or drugs. I get high just being int the woods.

Come join our community of outdoor women by clicking here and while you’re there reading everyone’s bio sign up for the mailing list, that way you can stay updated to what’s happening around the globe with 37 amazing women, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

Now get outside!


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