White Banks Trail Elk Neck State Park MD

Awesome adventure in MD this past week. White Banks Trail is a hike with stunning views of the Chesapeake Bay, {Video at the end} that can be done from 3 different areas.

So depending how adventurous your feeling, if you want a short hike uphill most of the way, start at the North East River Day Use Area, but if you want a longer hike through the woods and a steady grade uphill, start at the Rogues Harbor Boat Launch area.

I started in between the two. The 3rd trail head is not listed on Elk Neck State Park’s website.

I found it by accident.

I was driving down 272 on my way to the Turkey Point Lighthouse when I notice a small parking area with a few cars parked there, on my left.

After looking at the map I noticed how close the trail came to the road so there must be a connector or if not, easy enough to get on the White Banks Trail from this parking lot.

And yes, there is a very short connector trail that leads to the White Banks Trail. See the map below.

Elk Neck State Park Map of where to park for the White Banks Trail

Where to park for the White Banks Trail at Elk Neck State Park

This parking lot is small, only room for about 5 or 6 cars so it may be full on weekends which it was the first time I saw it but this time I came on a weekday and it was not full, in fact I was the only car there.

Starting from this small parking area off 272, go a short distance following the connector trail to the actual White Banks Trail. This is clearly marked so no confusion as to where the trail is.

The trail meanders through lush green woods with a steady grade uphill to the first set of overlooks. You will be walking close to the road and will cross 272 (no parking here) with a easy walking path up.

Trail head sign for the White Banks Trail in Elk Neck State Park MD

Trail sign you will see along the White Banks Trail

lush green plants along the white banks trail in elk neck state park in MD

Rhododendrons along the way, lush green plants everywhere

Ferns along the white banks trail in elk neck state park in MD

Ferns, Ferns, Ferns

Distance is about 1 1/2 miles one way so about 3 miles round trip but that was just to the first overlook. You can continue further to the North East River Day Use Area. Next time I’ll start the hike from this area.

Steps to get over a downed tree

Steps to get over a downed tree along the trail

I enjoyed myself despite it being a cloudy day and hiking alone which I prefer to do sometimes because I can be quiet and marvel at the beauty of my surroundings. I try very hard not to think of work or my to do list, I concentrate on the sounds, smells and sights nature has to offer and I come out of the woods feeling so much better, it’s my therapy session for the day.

view from the top white clay cliffs along the white banks trail in elk neck state park MD

View from the top of the White Clay Cliffs along the White Banks Trail

Hope you enjoy the photos and my story, and do share and connect with me here or @tinaoutdoors and don’t forget to watch the video below.

You can get your ownElk Neck State Park Map by clicking here.

Thank you so much for stopping by and get outside and explore!


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