What is a Micro Adventure

Last week in #hikerchat they talked about micro adventures. That Twitter chat inspired me to write this post.

So what is a micro adventure?

A micro adventure is a small, mini adventure you take in a short amount of time.

Could be a day, weekend or even just an hour.

The key is to make it a FUN adventure.

  • Must be something you love to do
  • A new activity you’ve been dying to try
  • A new place you haven’t been to before or revisiting an oldie but goodie place.
  • It can even be meeting new people you’ve met online who love doing what you do like hiking, camping, backpacking or traveling.

Micro adventures was coined by Alastair Humphreys, an adventurer who has traveled the world. In fact, he wrote a book on the topic called “Microadventures – Local Discoveries for Great Escapes.

I believe every day is an adventure, even a trip to the store can be an awesome adventure!

I also believe it’s something we all should do more of – Adventure more, worry less.

Here’s what others had to say during #hikerchat, which by the way, is hosted by @TETONsports and on this particular week co host @zackandallie

Conversation in Twitter about microadventures

Loved the descriptive words they used like spontaneous, stayvacation or this one, micro nap.

It’s awesome that so many people love a micro adventure just like me.

I will say though, I do get envious of my Social Media friends sometimes. They live near mountains and are out all the time climbing, hiking, camping, visiting national parks while I’m here in a no mountain state – Delaware 🙁

But I bring myself down to earth and say

Delaware has great places too!  We have beautiful state parks and the BEACH 

And when I do have more than a day, I’m a short drive to the mountains in PA, MD and a little longer to NY, VA and our favorite WV.

So I get myself out exploring daily looking for the next cool place I didn’t know was there.

It’s my self care, how I recharge and energize myself, I go outside and just be in nature. AHHHH!!!

I may not be gazing at those amazing mountain views you see on Instagram all the time, instead I’m finding joy in the little things that nature offers.

For me it’s not about the views, it’s the amazing journey and what you can do, see, smell and hear along the way.

Take a micro adventure today, don’t wait for the weekend or your day off, do something NOW!

Do it for as long you want, do it for the fun, and do it often.

It’s really what this blog is all about microadventuring!

I will admit though, the view from a mountaintop is AWESOME!

I’m off now to have a micro adventure – walking to the service station to get my hubby car – a really exciting adventure 🙂

Read my post called A Journey Around My Home, it’s just one of many suggestions from the book MicroAdventures (click the picture below)

What’s your micro adventures? Come over to our Facebook group and share your stories, we love to hear them!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Peace, Love and Adventure!


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  1. Mo Palepale

    I do micro adventuring all the time! 😁

    • Tina

      Yes you do and I hope to get out adventuring with you soon.

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