Where Can You Hike, Walk, Bike and Rock Climb in Delaware?

Tina at Brandywine Creek falls in Alapocas Run State Park Delaware[/caption]
So where in Delaware can you hike, walk, bike and rock climb in the same place – Alapocas Run State Park, that’s where.

I’ve been here before but back when it wasn’t a state park, in the 1990’s just after I moved to Delaware. Me, my hubby Dan and a few friends came here to practice repelling off the rocks because some of us are vertical cavers (the rest of us are just cavers) so this was a great place to test the rope, get comfortable rigging and ascending back up the rocks, all important skills you need to know if you want to do vertical caving.

I’m not sure if we were allowed to be here but no one came around to tell us we couldn’t. So there I was doing a repel for the first time despite my fear of heights.

I did OK but don’t ask me to do that today because the answer would definitely be NO! I don’t do vertical caving but for some reason that day I was feeling overly confident and everyone else was doing it so why not?

Anyways, this state park spans a large area, from what is called North Wilmington all the way into downtown Wilmington. And leading into another state park called Brandywine Park, home of the Brandywine Zoo.

I love it here, it’s become my new place to walk if I’m in the city and need to get out of my car and stretch. There’s a long paved and a few unpaved waking/hiking/biking trails and a rock climbing area, the same place where we used to repel many years ago. You can sit and watch others climbing the rocks, or listen to the Brandywine Creek which flows through this park with 3 different waterfalls to photograph.

Hope you enjoy my story, this park looks amazing compared to how I remember it. Enjoy the pictures and do share and definitely come and visit, you’ll really like it here.

Alapocas Run State Park Rocks and a bench to sit for lunch

Great place for lunch

Alapocas Run State Park Waterfalls

Alapocas Run State Park Waterfalls

Hiking Biking trails in Alapocas Run State Park

Hike, Bike, Run Walk at Alapocas Run State Park

Above are a few hiking photos I put together from Facebook that show you can take the paved path or take the dirt path, I did both. Do check out Delaware State Park website, they do a great job of posting maps and providing all the information needed to visit, they even have an app for that!

Rock climbing sign at Alapocas Run State  Park

Look above the sign for the guy rock climbing

A guy rock climbing at Alapocas Run State Park

A guy rock climbing at Alapocas Run State Park

Do you do any kind of rock climbing? Is there a place near you where you could learn to do this? Check out your area, if not outside look for places inside at gyms that offer a rock climbing wall. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below, and do share with your friends.

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