Fox Point State Park DE

It was a cold brisk and windy day last weekend when I visited Fox Point State Park but that didn’t stop me from going. I wanted to get out and darn it, I was going to start this challenge even if it was snowing out.

And I’m glad I did. It’s a quaint little park that provides a front row seat for you to sit, relax and view the Delaware River at work. You’ll get really close to the many tug boats, ships and tankers that float by and if you’re not sure of what you’re looking at they have an interpretive display you can look at to identify not only the ship you’re looking at but the function of it as well. Very cool!
Fox Point State park interpretive sign for what ships are floating by.

Fox Point State Park is at the north eastern curve of the state of Delaware, along the Delaware River, just before PA line. It’s easily accessed by either Interstate 95 or 495 so no excuse not to get off the highway and spend some time here.

Definitely worth a stop if you’re passing through Delaware and need a place to get out of the car and stretch especially if you’re traveling with kids or dogs. There’s a playground here, doggie bags to pick up after your dog and plenty of places to sit and take a load off after a long road trip.

And yes there are bathrooms here, very important to know if you travel by car a lot like me (I’m a home care nurse by day) I’m always on the hunt for a clean bathroom. 🙂

Fox Point State Park is also the starting point for the Coastal Heritage Greenway and the Northern Delaware Greenway Trail. Fox point State park Northern Greenway Trail sign

The Coastal Heritage Greenway follows Delaware’s coast line all the way to the end at Fenwick Island. It highlights Delaware’s natural beauty from the Delaware River all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. I’ve written about part of this scenic drive here, which I need to finish up.

The Northern Delaware Greenway is an awesome bike ride or walk through 4 of Delaware’s State Parks. Here an excellent map to follow. I’ve done about 11 miles of this trail so far.

Side note-Fees are in effect from March 1 to November 31 but don’t let that stop you from taking a side trip, it’s well worth it and by paying the fee you help to support an outdoor space for all of us to enjoy for years to come. Thank You for your support!

Fox Point State park looking south towards the Delaware Memorial Bridge

Looking south towards the Delaware Memorial Bridge along the Northern Delaware Greenway Trail.

Lookout at Fox Point State Park in Delaware

One of 2 lookout spots to sit and relax. Also where the interpretive display is for identifying ships floating by.

Fox Point State park looking north up the Delaware River into PA

Looking north up the Delaware River into PA

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed by roundup of this unique state park here in Delaware and I hope you’ll stop by soon.

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