16 State Parks in 16 Weeks Challenge

I’m about to take a giant step into not 1 but 2 outdoor challenges.
If you read my last post on “It’s time for a challenge” you know I’ve signed up for the 52 hikes in 52 weeks challenge but I’ve decided to add my own challenge called 16 State Parks in 16 weeks.

That means 2 hikes a week for the next 16 weeks. Can I pulled this off? Hell Yes (I think) !

So why add on another hiking challenge when I’m not sure I can do one?

I decided instead of taking a baby step why not take a giant step and really challenge myself because I know how I am. With the weather getting nice around here, I know I’ll be doing more than 1 hike a week so why not? I only have to do 2 hikes a week for 16 weeks, than it’s down to 1 a week.

Although I could get so used to doing 2 a week and if I keep that pace, I could finish my 52 hike challenge in 26 weeks right?

Anyways, back to the 16 State Parks in 16 weeks challenge, Delaware (where I live) has 16 beautiful State Parks I’ve been dreaming of visiting for a long time. I’m not from Delaware, I’ve been here 16 years so to celebrate my 16 years here why not visit 16 of Delaware’s best.

This is a great way for me to get out there and explore all that Delaware has to offer.

My plan is to visit one state park a week and write about it’s uniqueness and why an outsider or anyone who lives here should visit. I’m hoping to camp in a few of them and others will be day trips.

Fortunately Delaware’s a small state, about 100 miles long and 35 miles wide but it has gems I’ve never knew about until recently, thanks to this blog which is pushing me to get outside, discover new places and follow my passion to write.

Speaking of writing, I plan to turn this experience into a short story or an adventure journal/guide/planner or coloring book (still working out the details) 🙂 Stay tuned!

Oh yeah, I also want to lose 17 lbs and get in shape, summer coming fast and I want to keep up and look good doing it. 🙂

Game on!! Here’s a list of all 16 state parks I’ll be visiting –

Delaware state park logo Vist Delaware State parks

Alapocas Run
Brandywine Creek
Cape Henlopen
DE Seashore SP
Fenwick Island SP
First State Heritage Park
Fort Delaware SP
Fort Dupont SP
Fox Point SP
Holts Landing
Killens Pond
Lum’s Pond
Trap Pond
White Clay Creek SP
Wilmington State Park (Brandywine zoo + Brandywine Park)

I’ve been planning for the past 2 months and I’ll share with you as I go along what it takes to motivate yourself to get outside no matter the weather or how hectic life gets. It’s all in the planning, organization and scheduling.It has to be part of what you do, not how you can fit it in.

Come join me in this journey by clicking the tag (found at the bottom of each post) 16StateParks16Weeks or on the sidebar under “Most Popular Topics”, they will all be listed there.

You can also follow the hashtag on social media #16SP16wks (a bit shorter) for pictures and updates if you prefer.

And I think you’ll agree this is going to be tough, so if you’re in a challenge of any kind, let me know, we can cheer each other on.

Here I go, first State Park I’m adventuring to is Fox Point State Park in northern New Castle County.

Let’s go outside!


Looking for a park to go to in your state, visit the National Park Service website and Find Your Park. Help celebrate the National Park Service 100th anniversary this year, 2016 and get out there! Clcik on the photo below.
National Park Service Find Your Park website


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