Day Hiking Checklist

I’ve been hiking for years and years but I still forget things and as I get older the remembering what to bring becomes harder and harder, lol!

So I decided to put a day hiking checklist together to help myself and you too 🙂

You can easily add to this list or take things away, adapt it to your day hiking needs such as those who hike with kids or in high attitude or wintertime.

Day Hiking List

These are items I take here in Flatland country, yours may be totally different so let me know in the comments below.

Additional items

Keep a second pair of shoes in your car to wear for the ride home. Also extra clothes to change into if you’re planning to stop somewhere on the way home to eat although I tend to just go as I am.

Portable phone charger to take with you or leave in your car for recharging after taking all those awesome pictures!

Hiking Tips

Wear the right hiking boots for the terrain your hiking in. Example – If I’m hiking around Delaware which is mostly flat, I’ll wear walking shoes or low tops hiking shoes. If I’m hiking in PA or WV where the terrain is steeper and rocky I’ll wear my high top hiking boots because they give me the support I need at my ankles for those kinds of conditions.

Always bring a rain jacket because the mountains tend to make their own weather despite what the weatherman says so better to have rain gear and not need it than to get caught in a sudden downpour getting drenched. You’ll become cold very fast and it won’t take much for hypothermia to start.

Wear comfortable clothes. I like to wear hiking clothes because there’re lightweight, comfortable and if they do get wet they dry quickly.

Where to shop for outdoor gear

I buy most of my outdoor gear and clothing at discounted prices because I know these items can be pricey.

One way to save money with outdoor gear is by joining REI co-op membership. You’ll reap the benefits of special deals and discounts and a share in the company annual profits, NICE! All for a one time fee of $20. Can’t beat that.

And if you’ve ever been to an REI store you’ll soon realize that those one who work there are also outdoor enthusiast themselves, I like that 🙂 and I think it’s a requirement to work there.

Hope you found this helpful, and if so I’d love to hear about your day hiking checklist! Leave a comment below.

aka @tinaoutdoors
P.S. Shop REI for all your outdoor needs and wants.

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