My Failed Day Hike

I really wanted to get outside and hike today. The weather is nice, up to 59 degrees on this first day of February. Perfect, the recent snow that dumped a lot of snow 2 weeks ago would be melting. Maybe a little muddy but otherwise a nice walk in the woods.

I try to dress and take with me everything I need for a day hike but I still after all these years of hiking forget something and today was one of those days.
I wore my Keen day hikers thinking they would be fine. As I said I was expecting mud but what I got was snow, ice and mud, not the best combination you want wearing day hiking shoes.

Why didn’t I wear my Asolo Gorte tex hiking boots, what the hell was I thinking. It sucks here at White Clay Creek State Park. The trail is muddy, icy and lots of snow the further back you get into the woods.

Not what I expected.

I usually have my Asole hiking boots in the trunk of my car just in case I want to stop on my way home from work but I’ve been wearing them all week for work to get around in the snow and didn’t put them back into my trunk. My first mistake.

My second mistake was not eating before I left or at least packing a lunch to bring with me to eat on the trail. I’m hungry now and only have a granola bar with me. I do have water(something I used to forget all the time), but this time it was food. Big mistake, don’t go on a long hike without eating first or bringing food with you.

Now granted I wasn’t expecting to be gone long, most likely 2 hrs nor was I going into the wilderness, in the middle of nowhere, where I could get lost. The trails in White Clay Creek are easy and would be hard to get lost although anything possible.

Had this been further away I would have thought about food but since it is just on the other side of town it didn’t click in my head to pack anything.

I walked about a mile and said “This is stupid, my feet are getting wet and cold, it’s not that warm out here. It’s just not my day to hike”.

Keen Day Hiking shoes

Not waterproof Keen Day Hikers

So I turned around and headed back to the car. At first a little mad at myself for not wearing my hiking boots but then I shifting my thinking to looking at the positive side of my adventure.

I got outside, I hiked about 2 miles so that’s an accomplishment. I could of stayed home like I really wanted to do.

Instead,I push myself and got out there so while I may have failed at reaching my destination ( was looking for the Mason Dixon plaque at the intersection where Delaware and Pa meet) and not wearing the right boots or had enough to eat, I did get outside today.

It was still nice, it was quiet, only one other person who was playing with their dog over in the field. Maybe that’s why they looked at me funny when I passed them to get on the trail. I’m sure they thought I was nuts.

There’s always next time.

Lessons learned today – I’ll be putting my hiking boots in the trunk of my car as soon as I get home and maybe I should consider buying another pair of boots just for work. Yeah that’s an awesome idea, don’t you agree?

Another lesson learned since I seem to be forgetting things lately maybe it’s time to put a day hiking checklist together, like my car camping checklist I have hanging in the camping room.

Stay tuned for my next post which will be a day hiking checklist. A link will be here when it’s posted.

Thanks so much for reading about my micro adventure, hope you’re adventure was better than mine.

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