Trails, Trains and Snowshoes

Since we still had snow on the ground here in Delaware I wanted to continue my snowshoeing adventure so I settled on the Michael Castle trail, which is a 16 mile multi use trail that runs along the C & D Canal from Delaware City, DE to Chesapeake City, MD.

I love this section of the trail because it’s a perfect spot to sit, relax and boat watch. Hugh ships go up and down this canal so you don’t have to go far to find a bench and I usually have the trail to myself. I love that!

There’s also a Marina and a restaurant called Aqua Sol (awesome food and drinks) and a railroad track that runs over the C & D Canal.

I’ve been down here several times now but never saw this railroad track down so it was a nice surprise today to witness it down with a train crossing over it.

I’m amazed at how quiet it was coming down, the only clue I had that it was being lower was I heard in the distance the train whistle and suddenly looked back as I had already crossed under it and saw the bridge being lowered.

I did a short video if you’re interested in watching the train go over the tracks –

I wasn’t sure how or if this worked but to see it in action and close up was a nice treat, I found it enjoyable. I love trains, I grew up next to the train tracks and learned to sleep through the train whistles blowing at all hours of the night. You would think that would make me hate trains but I had good memories growing up next to those railroad tracks 🙂

Here’s pictures of the tracks up and down, amazing how it all worked without a clutch!

Train Tracks over the C D Canal

Train Tracks are up

Train going over the C D Canal

Train Tracks are down

No one was here, just me, the trail, a train and my snowshoes having some quiet time. Very relaxing fun afternoon creating another awesome micro adventure!

Here’s a map of the Michael Castle Trail if your interested in hiking/walking or biking this easy and fun trail.

I’m almost done walking the 17 miles of this trail so until next time, see you outside!


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