5 Stimulating Walks

Don’t just take a walk, make your walk exciting and playful because if you’re walking and not really engaged, you’re just letting your mind wonder without being present, I think this makes for a boring walk, don’t you agree?

Here’s 5 stimulating walks that will open up all 5 senses and put you in the moment, guaranteed!

1. Mushroom Walk – We did this walk at our local state park here in Delaware. Now every time I’m out walking in the woods I look for mushrooms growing on the downed trees. Read my post about our mushroom walk, there’s links to tasty mushrooms recipes, for you recipe lovers, YUM! This is really fun to do with kids, gives them something to look for in the woods.

2. Wildflower walk – I have a wildflower book I take with me sometimes but carrying a book can be a pain so I’m looking into wildflowers cards instead. I also took a wildflower class at Mt. Cuba Center, a unique garden oasis here in Delaware.

My recent finds on my latest wildflower walk.


3. Cemetery Walk – My son used to have a cemetery behind his house and I would walk with the kids reading the headstones and looking at the dates. It made for great conversation with the grand kids.

4. History Walk – Take a walk back in time. Here in Delaware we have the History trail passport you can download. Hubby and I visited Fort Miles and witnessed a re enactment of the capture of enemy soldiers from a submarine just off the coast of Delaware. If you’re a history buff, taking a history walk is for you.

5. Garden Walk – This can be as simple as walking around your neighborhood looking at all the gorgeous plants your neighbors have planted or your community may have a public garden for you to stroll around.

My favorite is going to the local garden center and walking around awing at all the wonderful flowers, trees and shrubs on display. Even if you don’t buy anything it’s a great place to get inspired for your own garden.

Of course you can always pay to see private gardens like Longwoods Gardens or Mt Cuba Center here in my area but check your area, I’m sure there one near you.

Another kind of walk I’ll through in here is a post I wrote called “A Journey Around My Home”. I always have a camera with me and every 15 minutes I stop and take a photo – read the full story here.

Fun Facts about Walking

Mark Zuckerberg is known to hold meetings while walking outside. Maybe your company should do a walking meeting outside.

According to Stanford researchers, walking boosts creativity by an average of 60 percent. How’s that for you creatives out there.

The next time you’re out walking notice your surroundings with a sense of curiosity, this will stimulate all five senses — sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste.

And it will also keep you in the moment and that’s where you should be to make your walk as exciting as it can be and to feel good.

Have a beautiful and fun day walking 🙂


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